New Zealand – A Ticking Timebomb of Mass Social Unrest

Paula Bennett, Refused to meet Homeless, instead goes to a Cafe for a Coffee!
Paula Bennett, Refused to meet Homeless, instead goes to a Cafe for a Coffee!

As we drove home tonight, my Wife and I talked about how the New Zealand we live in today is one we honestly never thought we would see.


We have a Prime Minister who blatantly lies almost every single week about one thing or another.  A Prime Minister who has been caught on camera many times, fondling or pulling the hair of little girls – a behaviour which would have seen others possibly jailed!

We have a Minister by the name of Paula Bennett, an ex-Beneficiary/Solo Mother who is hateful, nasty, uncaring, and judging by how she talks to the media and members of the Public – a Bully.  (More about her later).

Then there is Nick Smith, a horrible little man with more skeletons in his closet than a Halloween Wholesaler, who, along with Key, continually states “There is no housing Crisis”, despite the statistics showing NZ now has thousands upon thousands of decent NZ citizens homeless, living in cars, garages, packed into houses with a dozen or even two dozen others, parents with newborn babies sleeping rough, and so on.  What really gets me angry is seeing this pitiful man say this with a smirk on his face, just like his morbidly obese mate Paula Bennett.

Then of course there is the hellhole that is at the centre of the mess that this Country is in – Auckland.  You know, supposedly one of the ‘most livable cities in the World’.  What a terrible, bad joke!  Traffic congestion is so bad it takes most commuters anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to travel as little as 20 kilometres each morning and each afternoon.  House prices average $1 million, and that is often for a run down wreck of a house in an, at best, average part of the city.  The shops are crowded 24/7, going to any special Event sees you queue for up to an hour, and then be herded around the exhibition like Sheep – with immigrants and stressed out Kiwis constantly pushing in front of you.

What we must also address is what used to be a Taboo subject, because as soon as you mentioned it you were shouted down with comments like ‘Racist’ and ‘Xenophobe’ and worse.  But, most decent Kiwis are coming to their senses, they are realising that 90% of NZ’s current problems are caused by the open tap that we have had on immigration over the last many years.  This year will see over 60,000 immigrants flood into New Zealand, with the bulk of them coming into Auckland.  Remember that is up to 60,000 extra people into a City with not enough houses for its current residents!  Into a City whose Roads already can not cope with the amount of traffic on them!  Into a City whose infrastructure simply can’t cope!

Key keeps telling us his Asian Mates (who he seems obsessed with!) are not the ones buying our houses, our businesses, importing tonnes of illegal drugs, causing many fatal car crashes, driving around with no or fake licences, and so on.  Yet – funny, because that is not what we see reported in the media every day with the photos and videos to prove it!  Though again Key is taking a step further to protect his new found mates, who make up most of his base vote – by telling Police not to report on the Ethnicity of Drivers involved in killing innocent people on our Rds!

Have a look at this – Barfoot and Thompson’s Top 25 Sales People for 2015, 20 of the 25 are of Asian descent.  Now to be fair, some of these people may be NZ born Kiwis – but the point is, most Asians prefer to buy from Asians, which is likely the reason 20 of the top 25 Agents are of Asian descent!

Just in the last two weeks, a house behind a Relative of mine in Auckland sold for $1.5 million (Just a three bedroom – nice, but nothing that great).  A Chinese couple with kids bought it (Apparently none of them spoke much English).  We waited patiently to see them move in so we could welcome them, but nope – they put it up for rent for $850 per week!  I kid you not – a three bedroom house, for $850 per week!  This is just one example of dozens I have heard of this year, Asian Investors (and other Foreign Investors) buying up Auckland houses at ridiculous prices and then renting them out to Kiwis desperate for somewhere to live at HUGE rental prices!

Meanwhile, while all of this nightmare continues – the Average decent Kiwis in NZ are getting more and more anxious.  More and more annoyed.  More and more angry!

We keep hoping the Mass Media will do their job, expose Key for his Lies, hound him and hound him until he has no option but to resign!  But they don’t!  No – it is obvious most of the Mass Media in NZ is now Government controlled.  They usually only publish stories that either Promote Key, or put down opposition MPs.  It is very much like living in China (Well, in Auckland we almost are!), where the Gov’t tells the media what they can and can’t tell the Public.  It is now so obvious, it isn’t even a question of whether the Mass Media are Government controlled, we know they are!

Dominion Rd
No – not China, a Strip of shops on Dominion Rd, Auckland – like many others in the City

Meanwhile – decent New Zealanders, those born here, and those who are new but accept our culture, our language, and our laws – are getting increasingly restless as we see tens of thousands of more immigrants flood in, often speaking only in their language (after National scrapped the law around new immigrants being able to speak English), opening businesses where they only employ others of their own ethnicity, put signage up that is only in their language, make comments like ‘You Kiwis need to move out – this is our Country now!’ (Yes, I have had immigrants say that to me!).  Take a walk around many of the ‘strip’ shopping areas in Auckland like the Balmoral area of the Dominion Rd shops, or even the Atrium Mall in the Inner City – you honestly have trouble believing you are not in China – all Chinese Shop Staff, Chinese Signage, and often an attitude that makes it clear – they prefer only Chinese Customers! 

The excuse of ‘You are just Racist’ is no longer effective!  If it is racist to want your Country to be run by people who love this Country, care about others, respect our laws and culture – then yep I and other decent Kiwis must be racist.  So what does that make those who still stick up for the uncaring, dishonest, tax evading, disrespectful immigrants?  Idiots?  Unpatriotic Pricks?  Or worse still, Traitors to their own Country, their own People, their own Culture, their own Ancestors!

Decent Kiwis are now like a Timebomb.  Sooner or later, they will explode – with anger, as they see other decent Kiwis die because they are homeless in a wet cold Winter!  Soon, Unions will have had enough, and should start planning a National Strike that will bring this Country to its knees, where Key will no doubt respond with Police, Soldiers – and people will get hurt, or worse!  Key’s mainly Immigrant, Filthy Rich, and Redneck Supporters will cheer as Strikers are bashed! 

Lastly, back to that horrible ‘Woman’ Bennett.  She was asked just a couple of days back to visit a Marae in Mangere where dozens of Homeless people, including many children and even babies are now living.  She refused, instead saying she would meet the Marae Chairman at a Cafe just a few kms away for a coffee!  This is the most despicable act I have ever heard of from any NZ MP!  This should have resulted in Media swarming around her, demanding apologies, demanding she visit the homeless, demanding she do something tangible and immediate to help them!  Instead, the media laughed and joked as Morbidly Obese Bennett smiled and laughed, and put another few hundred grams of weight on at an upmarket Cafe!  I believe in Karma Bennett, and I believe it will catch up with you, and you will eventually regret your heartless selfish act!  

Meanwhile the Timebomb of Social Unrest keeps ticking away.  Tick.  Tick.  Tick!

Hear it in your sleep Key, Bennett, Smith and your Supporters.  Tick!   Tick!   Tick!


40 thoughts on “New Zealand – A Ticking Timebomb of Mass Social Unrest

    • Yeah, I don’t like the anti-asian connotations either…I don’t care for disliking a race for what they do just for their race, it doesn’t sit well with me…you’re right though, a lot of kiwi Asians have contributed to making this Aotearoa a great nation and believe me, we wouldn’t be economically where we are without their contributions or tourists for that matter but I agree with pretty much everything else you say about Key, Bennett and that fool Smith.

      • I like what you said there, and also feel the article was racially skewed. It was spot on regarding those so called politicians though!

    • this blog does have the ring of a zionist written plant,to create a welling of unease towards the immigrant populace .,Its not the kiwi way ,i hope im wrong and my imagination is working over time,Chines, Samoan, Pom it doesn’t matter, they all come looking for a better life,probable only the Jew ,as in there teachings

      • I’m guessing you live in an almost ‘White only’ neighbourhood and have a few immigrant friends so you can brag to your mates about how PC you are. Try shopping in many parts of Auckland where you are literally the only New Zealander speaking English and see how PC you still are.

        • Thats exactly how indigenous felt when caucasians came to this land. Feel our woe s.But did they listen …?….no .Only now you will feel what our ancestors felt.Suck it up buttercup,we are still here and we will fight to the bitter end, are you with us or…?

    • Great article, we need to speak our minds and stop being so politically correct. You can’t buy an inch of land in China and yet we’re having the sale of the century here. A decade ago we never had the housing crisis we do now and the government is to blame, I get so frustrated that baby boomers are blamed for this when they did NOT create this crisis. It’s just a distraction tactic. And yes, mainstream media is owned by global corporate interests, this is why it’s so vital that we have an online dialogue going that cuts through all of the lies and omissions. We need to vote this government out, they have forgotten who they work for. The world is waking up. The populist movement is on the rise and the people will be heard. We need to slow immigration we don’t have the infrastructure to support such a massive influx of people, it makes common sense and yet the government is complicit in it. Funny thing is the Democrats in the US have open borders and are letting in Mexican’s like crazy to inflate the votes, but guess what? They hate Hillary too and are not loyal to her. See Key? Letting in floods of people doesn’t necessarily buy loyalty but a whole host of problems. Key sold this country out, the final nail in the one world order agenda, he needs to go. There’s a special place in Hades reserved just for him.

  1. While I don’t like the anti-immigrant style of your blog I do agree with your premise that there are far to many immigrants coming into NZ each year. I don’t think that the blame should be on the immigrants themselves as they are(mostly) here legally, but there is a person/group to blame and it is the govt that has enabled the massive flow into the country . Some may ask why they would do this ,which seems like it could not be of benefit to the country. The answer to this is they are importing votes and at the same time giving cover to the worsening economy which now seems to be based on new immigrant money, Alk housing bubble, ChCh rebuild and selling off everything that the govt owns that isn’t nailed down.
    To sum up Natz are the people who are totally to blame. They decide how many people to let in, they have the ability to control the housing bubble and they are responsible for loss of the peoples revenue streams.(asset selloffs)
    The answer -protest, write letters to every news site and paper in the country and vote them out.

  2. we – and indeed the entire western world- are now governed by corrupt perverts, many with name suppression, most on anti-psychotic medications, who have all suffered serious child abuse as kids, left untreated, and now putty in the hands of the Rothschild bankers, who are collapsing the western nations they have raped dry, as they run to their new middle east fortress, where they plan to govern the entire world for the next 2000 years. fact

    • Jim HH, I am saddened to say that I think you hit the nail on the head. There is such reluctance to have a serious dialogue around the problems you mention (‘middle east fortress’ comment notwithstanding). It seems we cannot get past the tittering stage of such discussions.

  3. Won’t happen. Kiwis have gone too far done the greed track. The Auckland housing market isn’t only foreign investors cashing in on NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX but the 66% NZers who are still playing the great NZ past time of buying and selling to each other for profit and tax advantage (Deductables).

    Take a look around the world (OECD) and name the countries with NO Capital gains tax? What? NZ has Capital Cains tax according to the OECD:

    The housing crisis in Auckland and Queenstown for example and in NZ in general is not about supply and demand (There are plenty of un-occupied houses of a rent able standard) it is about people “investing” in the No Capital Gains tax and Tax advantage environment created and maintained in the GREAT NZ PONZI SCHEME called loosely “Home Ownership.”

    Returning to supply and demand as a causal factor of unsustainable house prices in Auckland a second major factor, linked to the Tas advantage envirnment is the reluctance to build up. In my experience I have lived and worked overseas for many decades and have never (I hate that word) NEVER seen a large city with so few apartment (Multi-story) as in Auckland. The whole of Manhattan’s 1.63 million people, all living in an area of just 23 square miles (60 Sq Kms).

    So why isn’t there a frantic rush to build up? Ask yourself. Where is the incentive for any dwelling owner to move from a tax advantages environment to one of Capital Gains. From the PM down to first home byuyer’s the dream of home ownership is not to have a home but to cash in on the rampant Great NZ Housing Ponzi Scheme..

  4. I don’t know why you pick on China. If I where you I would look at the USA and their suppression of the media. Their media reports what they are told to report and our vassal media just follows along. Our media isn’t independent anymore and the sooner we wake up to that fact the better off we will be. Instead we are fed lies and half truths, Hollywood fantasies of American goodies out to save us from ( You do know it was Russia and China who won WW2 not the USA?), mind numbing TV pap and reality shows to dumb the populace down. Both countries have govt officials who lie, spin and look out for themselves. Leaders who smirk and lie and do ridiculos things in the name of being ‘like us’ the common people. At least China tries to look after her people by providing them with jobs. And it’s a pretty safe country to live or travel in. I suspect the influx of rich Chinese allowed into this country is also intended to piss us off so we develop a growing dislike of them. And Peters is right. There should be greater control on immigrationinto our country. But which 2 countries are the only ones preventing the hegemonic rUS of A from outright control of the world? yip you got it…… China and Russia ( the supposed enemies of the ‘free world’ and ‘democratic values’ because that’s what we are told by govt officals and reported faithfully by your called free press. Yeah Right!). Please get it right and work out where the blame really lies. Key is a puppet. So was Clark.

    • USA did win the invasion of NZ, while our grandfathers fought a war of lies on other side of world,their home land was being invaded & robbed by the USA &their bankers

    • win kiddle must be a massive supporter of asians. he turned it from asian to american within seconds of his opening statement

      we who are born here,are witnessing a massive take over.When i was growing up,everyone was free to do as they pleased.But now,everything is watched over by the government and our great (disgraceful) prime minister.

      he had a landslide reelection even though 3/4 of new zealanders no longer wanted him as the man in charge.Everyone I talked to or knew,wanted someone else as PM.Yet somehow,that ass licking,boot kissing,son of a bitch,managed to worm his way back in

      i personally dont trust any of those who are in government.They all promise so much then turn on those words.I hate the fat bitch who was once a beneficiary.She knows how hard it is to live in this world,and yet she constantly bashes those people who started out where she did.

      im not racist or byist of anything like that,but if this country is to remain free to the people who actually deserve to buy land,businesses,and citizenship,then things need to change.We are at full capacity when it comes to foreigners.We cant afford to take in anymore than what weve already got,its insane

  5. Cease ALL immigration and foreign buy up of our land immediately until this mess can be sorted. A farm here in Nelson has just been given government approval to be sold to a USA company for over 9 million. A 112 hectare hop farm. No NZers could afford it so it was sold to overseas interests, of course. This is just once case of many! The only reason the vendors were able to ask the high price was because overseas buyers are lining up to pay the big dollars (big to us but nothing to them)

    Prices of NZ properties need to settle down. The market needs to crash or only a very few NZers will soon be able to afford to buy anuything.

  6. Great overview. NZ is kind of owned by Chinese these days. It is probably better to be aligned with China now than USA. John Key has done his job of financial hit man extraordinarily well and his handlers will be very proud of his work. He would be generously rewarded for this as it’s the big agenda and he played his part well. The people do need to rise up now as the unequal distribution of wealth is a killer (the foundation of the loss of Moko over inter-generational oppression where peoples basic needs are not met). Only the redistribution of wealth and the end of govern(control)ment(mind) can change things now. People need to know they are capable of making their own law and when all basic needs are met, they are in touch with their creativity again and there is no need to rob, lie or harm. Looking to government is something we all have to get over. We don’t benefit from buying into the terms and agreements managed by a Black Magic Satanic Cult (see Mark Passio’s youtube videos to explain). All this comment is my personal opinion based upon my independent research of what is going on of course. May be really unify to make this world a better place!

    • You’re right. Key, Merkel, Obama, Cameron they’ve all proved their allegiances to the powers that be to earn a spot on their panels. Hope it was worth it, they may have secured riches and security from those who are waking up to the betrayal but they can’t escape God.

  7. All I have to say is…. stop people from comming in and buying our houses…taking our jobs.and they need to be able to speak English. Start looking after our own before strangers to this land. The future will only see war,devistation and hatred if something isn’t done fast. We had to move out of Auckland just to make ends meet.

  8. I smile ….. smile, because I, (and a few others) could see the “bigger picture” unfolding two & a half decades ago ….. but no one seemed to care….
    I smile – when I hear Winston Peters come out of “hibernation” to tells us what we “already know”; that we should “shut the gate” after “the horse has bolted”!
    (He’s been in Parliament for 28 years – picked up $14 million plus (in Salary/Bonuses and a pension that is “good” for the rest of his life – yet he’s shown himself to be adaptable to “climb into bed” with whatever Party suits his “own” needs) ….
    I smile – because Parliament has DESTROYED the moral AND ethical “fibre” of what was once a “decent” country, not only have they bent over backwards to “accommodate” all sorts of perversion, they have made it ILLEGAL to even “voice an opinion” AGAINST it!
    But mostly, I smile – that I’m in the later years of my life; I won’t have to put up with their lies, their greed, their disgusting behaviors ….. and guess what – THEY CANT TAKE IT WITH THEM! 🙂

  9. Join in and create a China Town, they’re interesting places to eat and visit, who knows what the world is turning into, it aint going to stop. Hopefully a blend of all nations, is gonna be awesome in the future. We’re just caught up in the changing years, I call it. Fearing the worst always gets you into trouble, pretty much a govt rule, so try not to follow suit.
    Ko te Kaipara awa
    Ko te Uri o Hau
    Ko Marlene ahau

    • The most sensible comment on this thread. Fear sucks and makes us do usually stupid things. We should channel our fear into curiosity which is more likely to yield a solution.

  10. To sum it all up we have a severely lead deficient prime minister, have no idea why you would vote for the bloke besides being an international banker he looks like a pedophile….

  11. There are different kinds of people with different interests, attitudes and skills that move to a new country. Not all of them necessarily move just to cash in on the different tax structure. When the native ‘decent Kiwi’s’ refer to anyone else under a broad term as ‘immigrants’ who have made it hard, obviously it gets to the heart. As this happens, anyone with some standards would not want to stay there anymore and will pack their bags. Please bear in mind that these are people who love the country and want it to be an even better place.

    US has the most immigrants than any other country and their economy isn’t so bad. It isn’t the immigration that needs to stop, it is the quality of immigrants that needs to be better. And that depends only on the Government or the Universities looking for higher International fees. With just about anyone coming in, it gets easier to stereotype and the smart ones would not put up with that.

  12. nice way to put it as i have been saying the same since i came back from my big OE in the 80s and saw what was happening in aussie asia europe and arab states. deliberately stayed away from america for the obvious reason. but since returning a couple years later with eyes wide open things had changed in such a short time and no- one seemed to care if jobs were diminishing etc and the social impacts that drive people to the cities and from there the house prices and land value escalations councils charging for rates and services for things that used to be relatively cheap now needing upgrading because of the migrations of people flocking to the cities for work. but all the industries were moving offshore. but i now look and realise that its the land that was the target for overseas corporations as instructed by the once wealthy corporate structures involved in the MAI agrrement back in the (90)s where they went around the world identifying what were the main contributing factors in the countries in the OECD for NZ it was farming and agriculture and mineral wealth. local industry was too messy due to labor and unions. in a lot of euro countries the marches and protests were huge being that the info was out there on what the ideas were and how they were using the info to collate areas of interest and significance for investiture since then we have had free trade agreements where we lose local industry in favor of imported goods that will last the consumer guarantee of seven years but will be outdated in 3 years if not sooner but its too late to invest in local industry as all our wealth now lies in overseas industry creating a few wealthy investor importers. could just go on and on but the NZ government sold us out a long time ago and made kiwis a commodity to be exported and exploited by big corporate entities our poverty situation is now the big expense but no-one wants to pay for it. the govt gives handouts to subsidise industry that is paying less than ever so they wont threaten to move offshore. immigration need a bullet due to the fact that most of the staff in the offices are chinese and indian (run by immigrants to cater for immigrants) the thing is im a racist who is maori/ irish/ scottish/ english decent born here to poor parents and under the present and previous governments say that we kiwi should think it is a privilege to already be living here because all races of the world will pay big money to invest here and migrate. so with that last statement ” we need to thoroughly investigate our government now and their policies to get what their true intentions are for the country as we are seeing a lot of polititians who are putting self interest before what is really supposed to be their main focus….. and that is us not the US and vote appropriately

  13. If racism is about applying race based assumptions to individuals you don’t know then you have certainly exposed yourself as a racist. How could you possibly know if they care about N.Z., respect our laws, etc. Did you take a scientific survey? This…and your’morbidly obese’ aside diminish the importance of your message about a housing crisis here. Some of your commenters here suggest some solutions to this problem. It would help to treat income derived from a second home as ordinary income, for instance.

  14. I have a question! !!!. Who voted this government in ??. I have another question!!!
    Which party if voted in could/would change all this. Such a radical change of existing policies and economic management that will be needed to fix this could set NZ back 30/40yrs. It would be a lot worse for the majority that are suffering now for some time to come. Granted for some of them it couldnt get worse but how many would be prepared to wait until it evened out and the wealth was being distributed fairly amongst all. Who would be prepared in the event of economic collapse to ride it out. The wealthy will take their money and leave in droves to greener pastures. It would take 10 yrs or more to rebuild NZs manufacturing capabilities and the infrastructures needed to have a viable economic system that will provide the jobs needed to attain a standard of living acceptable for all. Is the NZ Psyche ready for what would need to be virtually a communistic governance for this to be achieved. Should all the public amenities and services that have been sold to private sectors be nationalised and taken back into public ownership. Would NZ survive without foreign investment or not being a player in the world markets. What has NZ gained in the last 50yrs of trade agreements etc. We’ve been been opened up to pillage and plunder and the rape of our assets and agricultural and mineral abundances by the super powers that have benignly dragged us into their machinations on the world stage. We are a pawn in their greater scheme of things a puppet dandied about on the strings of world ambivalence and disdain. The greatest player on the world stage now is China, a communist country, enjoying a singular race and united mindset of its people, that most of the ‘big players’ are indebted to up to their eyeballs. China bailed out American banks after the last debacle that threatened the collapse of the mortgage and real estate industries. China is in a strong economic position and controls the world financially through its fiscal management. Their policy “Softly Softly Catchee Monkee”. Their version of “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Without overt World Domination military displays China dominates financially. They let Russia and America do all the rattling of sabers and beating of chests and took control through the bank door. If they called in their debts a hell of alot of countries would be abject serfs to them. America, once the shining beacon emblazoned across the free world is but a flickering candle barely lighting its shores. Weakened by indecision, procrastination and P/C deliberation. A spent force in the winds of change. Mocked by the challenges of many nations emboldened by her lacklustre attempts of conciliation in the face of direct threats. Her prescence in world affairs preferable to the alternative Russian bully boy tactics. Russia, strong miltarily and financially, still finding its way in the world. Brazen and brash, flexing its muscle at any percieved slight. Unsure of its place in the new world of capitalism thrust upon it with the demise of the United Soviet Socialist Republic previously formed by the invasion and conquering of many Sovereign countries enslaved and ruled by military might. Forced into communism and obedience to a ruthless ruler under threat of annihilation if resistant. Unlike China’s this model of communism was doomed by the multitude of races and peoples thrust into an alien and despotic existence against their will. Many of these countries harbouring centuries old hatreds against each other now faced with an imposed reluctant totalitarian acceptance. Russia raped and pillaged these countries of their resources and kept the wealth for herself at the end. A loose cannon waiting for someone to have the audacity to rebuke or refute their advances. Itching at the bit to assert their slavic superiority. And good old England. Raped and pillaged the entire world created a Commonwealth that wasnt such a ‘common’ wealth,at all. When they’d sucked the commoners dry they left them with the empty shell. Their benign benevolence affording a testament to their goodwill. They kicked NZ to the kerb when they joined the European Community 50yrs or so ago. Stopped taking our produce and goods. Dropped us right in it they did. Now look at them. They want out of the EU and the euro. Just as Russia found out those big unions of multitudes of countries are to hard to please everyone. Scale it down make it more controllable. Will it work for them??. Who knows. Will it work for NZ??. Who knows. Do we need the big boys??. Who knows. Have we got the fortitude to try??. Damn right!!!. Make your vote count.

    • Drunk again? Just because Mommy and Daddy wont throw some more money at you to pretend they love you doesn’t mean you have to get drunk all the time.

  15. yeah guessing you have never travelled out of New Zealand. what you describe is 70% worse in almost every country in the world. dude do some travel, experience the world then come back and rant if you still have something to say.

    • Yeah those Kiwis are flooding China!

      Oh here’s an idea, maybe we learn from other Countries that allowed mass immigration, and now have constant Race Riots, and don’t allow it here. But then that would be sensible, so we can’t do that.

  16. Somebody said the government always reflects the consciousness of the population.
    It is time to stop waiting for the government = as parents = to do something about the situation.
    WE as citizens must come more together and decide what WE as citizens want to change.
    There is still this “slave thinking” around: the master must do this or that to make things different.

    WE need to unite more for “good” things. WE as citizens f. e. don’t want that our brothers and sisters are living on the street. WHAT do WE want to do about it? And maybe we have a DEMAND for the government with the help of lawyers, which are on the side of the population.

    And at the other side: Nobody speaks about the greedy landlords, the Real Estate people who push the prices up, and the companies who are wanting too much for their products etc.

    We need to look into all areas!!

  17. Somebody said the government always reflects the consciousness of the population.
    It is time to stop waiting for the government = as parents = to do something about the situation.
    WE as citizens must come more together and decide what WE as citizens want to change.
    There is still this “slave thinking” around: the master must do this or that to make things different.

    WE need to unite more for “good” things. WE as citizens f. e. don’t want that our brothers and sisters are living on the street. WHAT do WE want to do about it? And maybe we have a DEMAND for the government with the help of lawyers, which are on the side of the population.

    And at the other side: Nobody speaks about the greedy landlords, the Real Estate people who push the prices up, and the companies who are wanting too much for their products etc.

    We need to look into all areas!!

  18. I think this person is in denial.. it’s not the immigrants, immigration is a fact of life all over the world. Would you like all the New Zealanders living in countries around the world to be kicked out because they taking over etc.. etc.. .. ask the people in the UK about this! Rather lay blame where it is meant to be laid.. Its the horrific and ineffective, self serving and patronising government. But having said that who chose the government? New Zealanders chose badly and now they are paying the price. Let’s see what happens in the next election… let’s see if any lessons have been learnt.Let’s see if people will yet again be manipulated by a media who supports the government of the day. let’s see if people actually wish to take control of their own destinies. Let’s see. Me I think things will stay exactly the same…

    • Lol, so New Zealanders are buying up a huge percentage of houses in Beijing? Actually no – because non-Chinese are not allowed to but property there. I wonder why not?

  19. Loving this article. What’s been said is right. I’ve seen that in Wellington too. Although I wasn’t born here, I did grow up here from a young age. I’ve learned to accept and respect where my mother is constantly shoving asian culture down my throat. This country deserves to be free, not constricted with Asian beliefs and ruling. Yes, I know, bashing and being racist to my own race but even I, as an Asian, is sick of this. I’ve tried to get a job in many Chinese stores and it never did work out because they used you first and kicked you out, saying you aren’t Chinese. I don’t mean to keep immigrants out, but try and make it so they’re respecting and obeying NZ laws. New Zealand is a country of freedom, not racism and discrimination like it is today. It’s disheartening,

  20. What do you mean by immigrant and that china thing? are you being an envious racist now?
    This is Aotearoa, we live in diversity and everyone is equall, do you mean decent kiwi is not immigrant? ask maori then
    do you think maori isn’t immigrant? ask kiwi birds!

    • I’m sorry, your English is so bad I can’t understand what you are saying. Maybe you should return to your Country, learn our language and culture and then come back?

    • I am Maori I am Tangata Whenua and I can tell all you Immigrants who are here in this country that we did not invite you. That the government that passed a pretence act to allow you into this country was for their own greed. The government’s acts. policies, systems and agencies are also foreign to Tangata Whenua. We are our own people, we have our own system, our own tikanga, our own world view and way of life. So Immigrants that are here, it is true that the majority of Maori do not want you coming into our country, and providing fraudulent documents, licenses, business agreements and plans. We know that the majority of you cannot speak English, we know that the majority of you Asians, Muslims, Hindu and Indian’s we know that there are bribes, that you escape justice, that you drive and kill on our roads and that you buy up New Zealand homes and re rent them to struggling New Zealanders – however your time will come to and end just like Donald Trump has done to his country – every Muslim every one with no proper documents will be deported and Immigration doors shut. We will take back our country along with every other New Zealander who has had enough of Immigrants and foreigners, it will come to and end. I believe in Karma to the government to the Immigrants who think they had it made here, well you couldn’t be more wrong. We are spiritual people and are very much guided in that way and believe in Karma.

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