National Increased and Introduced 18 New Taxes, How Many More to Come?

While National have been the failed Government of New Zealand they have

increased or introduced 18 taxes on the ever suffering New Zealand public!


These included an increase in GST, taxing your Kiwisaver contributions, increased your Prescription charges by $2 each, introduced a Capital Gains tax on any houses sold within two years, brought in a Border Tax, increased petrol taxes several times, increased tobacco and alcohol taxes, and so on.

The question is – how many more tax increases, and how many more taxes will National bring in if you vote them in again?

They have already mentioned road taxes and more petrol taxes, so what else will National do to take your money?

Where as Labour have said they will only investigate taxes and see if any changes are needed, and if so none will be actioned until after the 2020 election where you can get to vote on them

So the choice is – Vote National, get tax increases, vote Labour and get none at

least for three years.


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