Gareth Morgan Admits “I don’t want the job”” of being an MP

Gareth Morgan and his Party full of nobodies with no experience, the so called “Opportunities Party” are conning People out of their votes!

He openly admits he doesn’t want to be an MP, and has no plan on being an MP unless his Party was to get at least 10% if not 15% of the vote, which of course they have zero percent chance of doing.  Yet people are not aware of that, and are giving their votes to TOP, thinking this multi millionaire Cat hating man, who also admits he pays very little tax, will be representing them!

It is my opinion he is merely a Tool of his mates at the National Party to take votes from Winston Peters and New Zealand First, which is the one party that fights for the average Kiwi, always has done (getting us free Drs visits for kids, pay parity for primary teachers, extra 1000 police, saving the Maori warden service, etc in the past) and always will do.

You see Rich Pricks like Morgan hate Winston Peters, because he exposed their Tax Avoidance schemes many years back, in fact his exposing them in the so called ‘Wine Box’ affair, was one of the biggest tax avoidance exposures in World History!  So, Winston has many very rich enemies, many of whom are friends with this Conman Morgan.

If you have not already thrown your vote away on TOP, DON’T!  If you instead want more Kiwi Friendly policies, simply vote New Zealand First, and join the 10% to 20% estimated to vote for them this election!



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