Advice on The Only Way to Kick National Out

Most decent Kiwis have seen the truth about National, funny enough coming from their own Election Campaign.

National have lied, numerous times – as highlighted even by their own Mass Media supporters.

National has mocked the homeless and those in Poverty by placing their “Keep NZ Moving Forward” Billboards directly above Homeless Shelters (Homelessness in NZ is now by far the worst in the OECD!)

National have made several promises that 90% of Kiwis know they have no intention of fulfilling, like a 1.4 billion dollar hospital in Dunedin – oh, in 7 to 10 years!

The National Party is little more than a Organised Crime Ring, but the criminals who back them are multi-millionaire Chinese Immigrants who made their riches by exploiting their own people, and by Tax Avoiding Corporates. 

So, how do decent Kiwis get National out?

There is one way, and one way only – ticking Labour on your electoral vote, and NZ First on your Party Vote.  Why?  That is explained below, take note – or risk inadvertently voting National back in.

Unfortunately many on the Left side of Politics are, like many on the right, brainwashed into voting for the same Parties every election, only to get the same result each time – another National Govt.  This election it is even more dangerous.  In fact voting for the Green Party is the same as voting National back in!  Firstly, they are unlikely to even get over the 5% mark required to get back into Parliament.  Secondly, even if they do scrape over the 5% mark, they wont have enough votes to help Labour form a Government.  Let alone the fact many of their own MPs, and senior support staff have all quit over the last few weeks – reportedly due to rumours they had made a secret agreement with National to support them if they were to be given a place in Govt that Labour can’t offer!

Labours only chance of forming a Gov’t is if NZ First get in with 9% to 10% of the vote, which is very possible if Green and TOP voters don’t waste their votes, and give their party vote to NZ First.  Now, some will argue that NZ First may go with National.  The answer to that is:  Winston Peters has made it 100% clear he will not go into Govt with any Party that is raising the age for Super., National is – Labour isn’t.  Secondly, Winston would also have to share a Coalition with ACT, who are his mortal enemy – so he won’t do that.  If the worst case scenario did happen, and he did go with them, at least if he has a large percentage of the vote he will be able to control the people hating policies that National continually pushes through!

A vote for TOP, really is a waste of a vote, a stupid vote, an ignorant vote, and literally just a dumb vote!  Gareth Morgan has clearly stated he wont even be going into Parliament even if the TOP party got over 5%, which it has zero percent chance of doing.  If it somehow did, Morgan has also made it clear they would support National, not Labour!

So what is the only ‘almost guaranteed vote’ for getting National Out?  An electoral vote for Labour, and a Party vote for NZ First!

Some will say “No i’m giving two ticks Labour!”.  Sigh, again a dumb thing to do.  They will be relying on electoral seats, not party votes – they will get a lot of electoral seats, meaning they will get few to no list seats from the party vote, so again – you are wasting your party vote!  That’s where giving it to NZ First again helps secure a Labour NZ First Govt.

Whether you like it or not, this is the one and only chance you have of getting National out!  Put your ‘habits’ aside, ignore the multitude of Hippies saying “No man, vote Green”, and give the vote for a change of Government – Electorate Vote Labour, Party Vote NZ First. 

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