The Truth About the National Party, and Its Supporters

With the New Zealand General Election just weeks away, we should give the current Government the benefit of looking at what they have achieved in nine years, so below I have summarized the main ‘successes’ that they have had.  Keep in mind their ‘Leader’ Bill English (apparently nick named Bill Deadfish by those who know him well) keeps referring to the “Success” his Government has had, and that’s why voters should vote them back in. 

So here are National’s “successes”:

  • When National came into power nine years ago, NZ owed $10 billion in debt, one of the lowest amounts in the World.  NZ is now $85 billion in debt!
  • We now have the biggest Housing Crisis in NZ’s history
  • We now have 45,000 people homeless
  • We now have (compared to income) the least affordable houses in the World (in Auckland)
  • National has allowed at least 400,000 immigrants to come and live here within 9 years, when we did not have the infrastructure to support them, meaning we have Kiwis homeless, roads in gridlock, hospitals overloaded, schools overcrowded, and the Kiwi culture quickly disappearing
  • NZ now has the highest teen suicide rate in the World
  • NZ now has tens of thousands of children living in poverty
  • NZ’s Mental Health System in now in crisis, with Professionals warning it is in the worst state it has ever been in
  • The road toll has increased year on year, after National refused to increase Police funding for several years, meaning roads now go virtually non-policed due to continual cuts in Policing
  • Educational achievement of students has declined after National introduced a failed unproven new system in schools
  • Millions of hectares of NZ land (including tax payer owned land) has been sold by National to overseas owners

On top of these ‘successes’ by National, they increased GST, increased petrol tax several times, and introduced several new taxes.

In other words, National has single handedly put New Zealand into a perilous condition, where it is close to being considered the same as a second World Country, with a large percentage of its NZ born population now living in poverty!

Now lets look at its supporters.  We can do this easily by looking at the comments their supporters make on Social Media sites.  Such as “We high tax payers pay for you low income supporters to survive”, and “You bludgers should just crawl back under the rock where you live”, and worse still “Why should we give to charity for”, and so on.  In other words their supporters don’t care about anyone by themselves.  They believe being wealthy is the one and only thing people should strive to do, and they couldn’t care less if it means tens of thousands are homeless, children are dying in damp cold living conditions.

This election people need to seriously ask themselves, do they want more of the disastrous ‘successes’ of a National Government?  Do they want to join the arrogant, uncaring, ignorant, probably tax avoiding supporters that prop National up?  OR, do you want to give a Labour – New Zealand First Government a chance to fix the disaster National has created, and make New Zealand great again? 

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