National and ACT, Examples of Elite Arrogant Scum – Their Politicians and Supporters

National Has Buried Kiwis in a Mountain of Debt!

This election campaign more than any other has shown the true basis of the National Party, and ACT Party, why they exist and who they exist for.

It doesn’t take long to see the sort of disgusting comments made by National and ACT supporters in posts on Facebook and on other Social Media sites to realise the sort of people who now make up their supporters.  More evidence can be gathered from their advertising campaigns, and election commentaries to date, of how they are in reality there  for  just two sections of the Population, and couldn’t care less about the rest.  The very wealthy, and new wealthy immigrants make up 90% of National and joke Party ACT’s supporters, average Kiwis are no longer the slightest bit important to National, or its slimy Tax Avoidance encouraging one man band supporter – the ACT Party.

National always have been, and now are more than ever, for the very wealthy.  Those who make the mistake of believing they are their for ‘hard working Kiwis’ are very, VERY mistaken.  There is a reason why National, strongly backed by the one man party ACT have entered into so many private-public partnerships, and plan on lots more.  They make Corporations very rich, at the expense of everyday Kiwis who have to pay more and more for everyday services.

Don’t think for one minute National, backed by the Tax Avoidance encouraging and Beneficiary Hating Party ACT, have done a great job managing the economy.  Because they rely on, and are encouraged by, their Corporate Mates to run down public services, while pouring tens of millions into dodgy investments run by those same Mates, New Zealanders are now buried in a mountain of debt!  In fact, National have borrowed more than every other Government in NZ History put together!  NZ now has over $85 billion in debt to pay back, on top of billions of dollars of personal debt!  It is fair to say if a Private Company had got itself into the financial mess NZ is currently in now, the Directors would likely be facing legal proceedings and jail time!

Then there is the social cost of having failed, dishonest, arrogant, uncaring MPs who make up National and the one man band joke party ACT.  The type of people who think these Scumbags are ‘great’ are the same people who make comments on Facebook such as “It’s us high income earning National Supporters that have to pay taxes to support you low income earning Labour Supporters”, and “Why should we donate to charity for?”

Now we also have National’s advertising for the election, all attacking other parties, because they have nothing to brag about!  Everything National has done has been a total failure!  NZ now has Record Homelessness, Record Suicide Rates, Record Debt, Mental Health System in its biggest Crisis ever, Health System in Crisis, School failing to teach kids the basics due to failed Education Policy, Immigrants controlling the house market – meaning Kiwis are now tenants in their own Country, Methamphetamine now at such high rates of supply its easier to obtain than a joint!  NZ is in its worst state ever!  But wait, there’s more!  The National Party have infiltrated Mass Media, having sexist racist scumbags running prime time TV and radio shows, controlling third rate newspapers like the NZ Herald.  In other words, using tactics like used in China, where the Govt controls the mainstream media to the extent they tell it what it can and can not tell the public!

If Kiwis really want any chance at preserving Kiwi culture, getting houses back in the hands of NZ born Kiwis, and fixing the HUGE MESS NATIONAL HAS made, they must get out and vote this election!  They also need to stand up to the Scum that support National, and the one-clown-party ACT, and tell them ‘It is not acceptable to vote National any more, it just isn’t!  Worse still if they were even thinking about voting for the benefit, low income, disabled people hating party ACT, they deserve nothing less than laughter and ridicule served on a strong base of disgust!

If you want to get NZ back to being a decent caring Country for Real Kiwis, you will vote NZ First and/or Labour this election, simple as that!

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