New Zealanders Real Guide to The 2017 Election

The 2017 Election could very well be one of the most important Elections in New Zealand’s history, and if you have the right to vote you MUST vote, if you are to save the Country from what may be it’s total destruction.  It is your duty to not only vote, but to share the information in this article with everyone you know, and to tell them they MUST GO OUT AND VOTE IN 2017!


For those not well educated about what has been happening over the last nine years, since the National Party has been in power, you need to know the following FACTS.  Note, these are not made up, not exaggerated, this is the real story about the state of New Zealand today. 


  • Out of 20 OECD Countries, New Zealand has dropped to 19th in regards to patients receiving new medications
  • GP’s around the Country have been telling the Gov’t they are in Crisis with the Dr shortages countrywide, but National is ignoring them
  • New Zealand’s homelessness rate is by far the worst in the OECD, and one of the worst in the World (per capita).  National have stated numerous times “There is no crisis”, and have done nothing at all to help first home buyers, to help people not being able to afford rentals, or to curb house sales to Overseas based buyers
  • Despite the National Gov’t promising nearly nine years ago that they would all but wipe out Methamphetamine from New Zealand, it has worsened to epidemic proportions to where it is now more readily available than Marijuana.
  • Government Borrowing has seen the amount of money NZ owes now higher than ever before in its history!  In fact, National has borrowed more in the last nine years than all other Governments before it put together.
  • Currently 70,000+ immigrants move to New Zealand every year, with the bulk of them going into Auckland.  Auckland’s Roads, Hospitals, Schools, and even Supermarkets cannot cope.  Yet, the National Government is doing nothing to stop the ‘slow motion invasion’.  In fact their only plan is to increase taxes via road tax!  (Note:  The National Government LIES about immigration figures, saying it is mostly Kiwis coming back to NZ.  Statistics show the number of Kiwis returning equal the number leaving, so it is new immigrants mainly from China and India, and not New Zealanders.
  • Hundreds of Thousands of hectares of New Zealand land has been allowed to be sold to overseas buyers by the National Government.  This includes huge pieces of tax payer owned land!
  • The New Zealand Police have not had an increase in funding or numbers for several years since National became the Government.  This has resulted in crime skyrocketing in the last year or so, with a burglary now occurring every seven minutes!  It has also meant that traffic Patrols are almost non-existent, and subsequently the car accident death rate has increased year on year.
  • Some Real Estate ‘insiders’ say the real rate of house sales to Chinese buyers in Auckland is close to 90%!  This is despite the National Gov’t continually saying that’s not true.

Then we have the FACTS about who it is who props up the National Party’s vote when they have all but destroyed a once happy, healthy, and proud Country. Around 90% of Chinese immigrants say they will vote for National (According to NZ Chinese Media Polls).  This makes total sense when the National Government has allowed Kauri Gum to be exported to China, billions of litres of NZ Water to be exported to China (for virtually no cost to the Chinese owned companies!), thousands of NZ houses to be sold to Chinese based here and over in China, and more to the point – the National Party receive huge donations from Chinese Businessmen, most of who have personally benefited from their ‘Chinese friendly’ policies and support.

So, the choices this election are simple, but extremely important to consider!  If the National Party get into Government again, this will undoubtedly see the end of New Zealand Culture as we know it.  Immigrants mainly from China and India will all but control the Housing Market and make NZ born Kiwis tenants to Foreigners, and not only Tenants but second rate citizens paying exorbitant rates.  Our Health system will deteriorate to such a degree it will be little better than Third World Countries after another three years of National.  It is already believed by some that National Party MPs are engaged in less than legal activity resulting in Policy changes, and ‘favours’ being given to Foreigners, and this will only get worse if allowed to get into Government for another three years.

This year you can join new Chinese Immigrants and vote for National, with the Dead Fish – Bill English as the Prime Minister, and help the last nail be hammered into NZ’s coffin, or you can vote for the only two responsible, reliable, and proven currently opposition parties, Labour and New Zealand First.  My suggestion is, if you truly want to CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT YOU NEED TO GIVE YOUR ELECTORAL VOTE TO LABOUR, AND PARTY VOTE TO NZ FIRST.

There is no point in giving your party vote and electoral vote to Labour, when giving your Party Vote to NZ First will give them the numbers to help Labour form a Government.  A vote for the Greens will be a complete waste of your vote this election as the party as imploded, and will not get enough  votes to forma  Government with Labour.



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