Labour and Voters Need to Dump Green Party NOW!

There are many reasons why Labour and Voters need to dump the Green Party from any support.


Not only has their Co-Leader Meteria admitted to benefit fraud and electoral fraud, the Green Party also openly admit they have no intention yo help individual Kiwis.  This is evidenced in emails to Kiwi Voters who have emailed Green Party MPs, including Meteria, asking for help with WINZ, and other problems.  In return they received emails stating ‘It isn’t the Green Party’s job to help individuals with problems, if you want that sort of help you need to approach another Party’. 

The Green Party, like Greenpeace and others, are anti-human.  They wish to help animals, and the environment, but care little about People.

A vote for the Greens is a wasted vote.  Not only will Labour not want them making any decisions in a Gov’t that they form, the Greens have no intention of helping you, me, or anyone else – unless they think proposing ridiculous unaffordable policies will buy them some needed votes, so they can get their ridiculous anti-human agenda in place.

Labour will win thousands more votes by dumping an alliance with the Greens, if they don’t – they risk many, many more years of sitting at the Opposition benches.  NZ First is now their only viable Alliance Party – they need to make that clear to voters if they want any chance. 



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