Bill English and National ‘Spit’ on Kiwis and their Health

The New Zealand Health System is in crisis.  GPs are pleading for help.  Hospitals are pleading for funding.  Mental Health Services are beyond crisis.

But, in reply Bill English and his incompetent National Party laugh in the faces of Kiwis dying as they wait for health services to respond to their needs.


The latest ‘Spit in the face’ from Bill English is to tell those in Dunedin that their hospital is not in crisis, and despite their Health Board simply not coping with the low funding they are given, tough – get rid of your deficit because you aren’t getting more money.  In other words, the National Government care about one thing – Rich Immigrants who have private health insurance, Kiwis who have paid taxes all their lives – can just die.

If you are a Real Kiwi, you WILL NOT VOTE NATIONAL this election.  Simple as that! 

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