Trump, Is He Really Doing Anything Wrong?

The Mainstream Media – Mostly Idiots Parading as ‘Experts’

As I have said many times before, it is hard to argue against the fact that Donald Trump may not be the most intelligent or trustworthy of Presidents, though it would also be hard to say there have not been worse ones.  But what does have to be said about this current President is, his election has highlighted how corrupt, dishonest, idiotic, and controlled by Extremists the Mainstream Media around the World has become, and in fact they are now the biggest threat to the World as we know it.

Lets look at simple facts rather than emotional quips that are being perpetrated by the Mainstream Media – whom around 99% of which laughed at the Prospect of Trump ever becoming the President, and were then made to look like the Fools that they are when the majority of Electoral Areas, by far – all voted for Trump.

  1. The USA has a major problem with unemployment.  Obama did little to nothing to fix this, nor did many Presidents before him.  Already Trump has passed policy that should create hundreds of thousands of jobs.  The Media response – how dare he pass these policies and take business away from Overseas companies that put Americans out of work!
  2. The USA has had major problems for decades with illegal immigrants coming into the Country over the Border from Mexico.  Certainly a percentage of them also bring in huge loads of illegal drugs.  Now (surprise surprise), the Mexican’s have NEVER been allowed to do this, like other Countries don’t allow un-vetted immigration into their Countries.  In fact, the USA already has many places of the Border ‘walled off’ and patrolled by armed Security, Military and Police Personnel.  Though the Media are almost making out that at the moment the USA welcomes all illegal immigrants with open arms, and how dare anyone want to stop this.  So, in the past, every President including Obama failed in stopping this massive problem.  Trump has passed Policy for a security wall to be built that will certainly at least slow down this from happening.  The media response – How dare Trump try and stop drugs and illegal immigrants flowing into the USA!
  3. So called ‘Man Made Climate Change’ Conspiracists have all but taken over the Mainstream Media, and some have reached the point of literally threatening death as a punishment for anyone who questions their crazy unproven claims.  The Climate Change industry is now a Trillion Dollar Industry.  Carbon Trading is one of the most profitable businesses in the World, with almost no investment equaling making billions of profit from nothing but ‘feel good’ promises to the Suckers who believe their propaganda.  Again the Mainstream Media have been the ones to push the nonsense on the Public, with everything from the Flu to Earthquakes being blamed on a “Warming World” – the same World that according to satellite Weather Records has not warmed for over 18 years now!  The Media continually tell us that all Scientists agree that Mankind is causing the Climate to Change, and anyone who disagrees with this are “Deniers” and paid by the Fossil Fuel Industry.  Nonsense.  Thousands of Scientists across the World have said over and over again that they do not agree the Climate is changing due to Mankind, and are continually frustrated the Media keeps saying they do agree! Yet, when the Mainstream Media is the only way to get this message out, and they refuse to – all the Public hear are the lies perpetrated by anti-human Terrorist Organizations like Greenpeace.  So, Trump wants to fully investigate the out-of-control Climate Change Scammers and decide what if any action really needs taking in regards to Policies that have hurt millions of people in regards to higher taxes around the World, which in turn end up in the Pockets of Fraudsters like Al Gore.  According to the Media, ‘how dare Trump investigate why billions of dollars of taxes end up in the pockets of those who claim we are all going to die because of Climate Change, despite at least 90% of all their claims they have made never coming to fruition.  (For those who will now argue ‘the science is settled’ and the Climate is changing because of mankind, here are a 1000 or so Reputable Scientists (Not uneducated drug addicted Actors, Singers and Politicians who support the Scam) stating that is simply NOT TRUE!)  Oh, and if you want just one example of the continual lies from the Global Warming Scammers and their Mates in the Media – here’s one.  They continually tell you, and even teach in schools, that more CO2 equals higher and higher Global Temperatures.  Now surely, if they all say this, it must be true?  But in fact the real facts do not support that at all!  Have a look at this, that shows CO2 can be at higher and higher amounts, and the temperature stays stable and in fact has in the past even lowered!
  4. The World at the moment lives in fear from mainly Muslin Extremists who are quite happy to kill Men, Women and Children who disagree that Women should be treated like cattle, and people of any other religion should be exterminated.  We are talking about people who take joy from beheading innocent people and filming it, then posting it all over the internet.  People who are more than happy to kill dozens of school children, kill Parents in front of their children, gain entry into Westernized Countries and kill their innocent people by driving trucks into pedestrians attending parades, and so on.  To this day all we have had from Leaders around the World is talk, talk about ‘we must do something about this’, but then do nothing but bomb a few out of the way places in Eastern Countries supposedly to kill some ‘terrorists’ – often killing children themselves!  So, Trump has brought in a policy to put an immediate though temporary ban on immigrants from risky countries coming into the USA until a better vetting system can be put in place.  In other words, he wants to protect his Country’s population best he can until they come up with a better system.  According to the Media, how dare Trump try and stop the odd Terrorists from getting into the USA – so what if they kill a few innocent people now and then, that makes great news!

Then there are the pure lies, and Character Assassination attempts that the media continually tells about Trump.  Firstly they try and make out he is a White Supremacist, racist to the extreme, and that Black People should be fearful – implying none of them voted for him.  Complete lies, most areas in the USA that have large populations of black Americans voted in Majority FOR Trump!  In fact large numbers of Black Americans are now questioning why the Media is continually attacking him, when to date he hasn’t done anything to harm Americans!  Here is one Black American who speaks sense amongst a group who is speaking no sense at all! 

In today’s news headlines there is again examples of the continual idiotic attack on Trump, with one headline stating “Is Trump scared of stairs?” – I kid you not, according to the second rate ‘Stuff’ Website – this was the second most important news article in the World today!  The most important news article, according to the dishonest news site was ‘One American Soldier killed in a military action from Trump’.  Seriously?  There have been around 5,800 American Soldiers killed in combat over the last 16 years, but you are now going to slam Trump because one of his orders saw one soldier killed (noting later, matter of factly, ‘oh and about 20 terrorists were killed in the attack’).

The real Threat facing todays World is the Mainstream Media!  They are controlled by Terrorist, Minority, and/or Corporate Groups who push only their side of the story, and the Public has no choice but to believe what they are told!  We can fight back, simply stop paying for their publications, never click on adverts on their websites, and question everything they tell you – because up to 90% of it will be incorrect if not in fact a complete lie!


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