National Government and the ‘Third World Pending’ New Zealand

New Zealand National Government, Most Corrupt in the Western World?

It would be disrespectful to those who truly live in Third World Countries to say NZ was now in the same category, but we can say with honesty that almost every action and inaction by the current National Gov’t has moved us a step in that direction.  We have also seen our Political Culture change from one of bing mostly honest and law abiding, to become one of the most corrupt in the Western World. 

No – we do not have hundreds dieing from starvation every day.  BUT, since the incompetent National Govt took power we have seen the number of children living in poverty increase by tens of thousands.

No – we do not have huge areas of people living in tin or canvas covered slum areas due to lack of housing.  BUT, since the incompetent National Govt took power we now have an estimated 44,000+ homeless people in New Zealand, and the Gov’t response has been to try and sell thousands of State Houses to Chinese Investors. 

No – we do not have dozens of murders every week, or dozens die every week in road traffic crashes from a lack of policing.  BUT, since the incompetent National Govt took power, we now have a near Zero Road Traffic Police presence, and a road toll that has increased every year for the last four years!  We also have some categories of crime increasingly hugely, and Police saying they have almost lost control of criminals and road policing due to no increase in funding for several years!

No – we do not yet have hundreds dieing from preventable/treatable illnesses and injuries due to lack of healthcare.  BUT, since the incompetent National Govt took power we have Junior Doctors working up to 100 hour working weeks with the Gov’t ignoring their pleas to reduce their hours because they can not practice safely.  We have people going blind, suffering, even dieing due to huge wait lists due to underfunding of 1.7 billion dollars a year on health spending! 

No – we do not have all of our water supplies polluted, yet.  BUT, since the incompetent National Govt took power the amount of polluted rivers and lakes due to animal waste from their Farmer mates has polluted the majority of NZ Rivers, and the only thing that happens is more hand outs to Farmers every time they have a tough month. 

Water is one of the most valued commodities in the World, yet the current National Government is selling billions of litres of our fresh water overseas for almost NO COST!  In one of the biggest transactions a National Government’s Minister’s Partner is a Director of one of the these companies, allegedly buying millions of litres of water for just hundreds of dollars, and selling for millions of dollars in China!  Now THAT IS CORRUPTION! 

One thing NZ now does have in common already with Third World Countries however, is a dishonest corrupt and heavily biased mainstream news media.  We have New Media continually covering up corruption and incompetence by National Government Ministers.  We have News Media Personalities who openly infer Kiwis should be grateful of whatever the incompetent dishonest National Gov’t does for us, and if you speak our publicly against them – they will name and shame you.  Subsequently, getting the real message out there – that NZ currently has one of the most corrupt and dishonest Governments in the Western World, just isn’t happening.

New Zealand is months away from complete financial and/or social collapse.  With almost a Zero Police Presence on our streets, and hospitals that can no longer cope, the collapse that could occur will affect generations of Kiwis to come.  All the while we continue allowing 50,000+ Immigrants to flood into an already struggling Country.

It is time real Kiwis stood up and started to fight back and expose the corruption, to tell News Media Companies that we demand certain National Party ‘Plants’ are fired and replaced with honest people.  If they won’t, then we start contacting Advertisers telling them they will be blacklisted if they continue advertising during those News shows.

Act now – before it really is too late! 



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