Huge New NZ Based Comedy Movie – PREVIEW

collinsSecrecy shrouds this new Major Motion Picture Comedy, based in New Zealand, but with World Wide Exposure!






"Gigantic Clown" John Key
“Gigantic Clown” John Key

The original star of this Comedy was famous Comedian/Clown, John Key.  But he has resigned before the movie was finished, this is thought to be due to his realizing the Movie was set to be a disaster and the biggest flop the World of Comedy has ever seen – though admittedly very funny at times.









So, who will now be the Main Star?  All we can tell you is there are three possibilities:

billenglishPossible Main Star Number One:  Bill English.  A good old Farmer Bloke, once before tried to be the main star in a comedy, and did receive huge laughs!  Not just did the People of NZ laugh at his incompetence and naivety, but so did his own co-stars, the National Party Caucus.  Yes, he is incompetent, yes he has put New Zealand into $89 billion of debt in just eight years (a feat not to be sneezed at!), but he will bring much laughter and a touch of tragedy as the Country heads even further down hill.




colemanPossible Main Star Number Two:  Jonathon Coleman.  An unknown really.  Doesn’t seem that funny to be the main star in a major Comedy, though with his lack of experience, and surrounded by other incompetent characters, he will no doubt bring laughter and indeed many tears.










collinsPossible Main Star Number Three:  Judith Collins.  Last, and in this case least, there is in fact nothing funny about this ‘Woman’.  Though it is hilarious that this ‘Woman’ wants to be the Main Star when her husband is a Director of a major Chinese Company that takes millions of litres of pure  NZ water at almost no cost, and resells it at huge profits in China, takes our Swamp Kauri at little cost, and sells it in China, and is no doubt involved in many other shady deals in the background – all supported by his ever smiling incompetent Wife.  Lets not forget this Comedienne also used Tax Payer Money to visit her Husbands business while on a trip to the Country dear to her heart – China, and was slapped over the wrist with a wet bus ticket for doing so – which admittedly was hilarious!


We wait with baited breathe to see who is appointed as the Main Star to the Comedy which is entitled “The National Government”, and will watch as it’s final few months of Production takes place before the no doubt huge Box Office Flop is finished towards the end of 2017.


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