John Key – The Terrible Truth

Key Says Shhhh, don't tell the Kiwis!
Key Says “Media, don’t tell them the truth about why I jumped off the sinking ship!”

Imagine one man leading a Country into a such a state of disrepair, it may never recover.  This is the true “legacy” of the most dishonest and incompetent Prime Minister New Zealand has ever seen.

John Key, who many refer to as a Dictator rather than a Prime Minister, suddenly resigned today, giving virtually no notice – which is not just a spit in the face of his mostly tax avoiding criminal supporters, but to the entire Country.  He has never really cared about the Average Kiwi, or about the Country as a whole, and this is another example of his disrespect for our beautiful Country.

For those absolute Scum in the Mainstream Media who are referring to him as a “Great Leader”, and “one of the most respected leaders in the World” – you should be ashamed of yourselves, you deserve to be locked up along with Key when his dirty deals catch up with him over the next year or so.  For those Idiotic Supporters who still believe Key and his incompetent Government has done a good job, look at the REAL FACTS below:

A Health System purposely underfunded by at least 1.7 Billion Dollars a year, all so the incompetent National Government can claim it has a surplus.  This underfunding has left Hospitals grossly under resourced and under staffed, leading to deaths, people going blind, people facing months or years of unbearable pain – all while waiting months on end for needed operations. 

A Road Toll that has increased year on year for the last three years due to Police not being able to enforce Traffic Laws anymore because they are underfunded by at least 1000 staff!  

A Prison Service that is hundreds of beds short.  The same Prison Service that Key and his incompetent National Gov’t promised us years ago would need fewer and fewer beds because of their great Police and Justice Management.  They are now planning on spending hundreds of millions building and extending prisons! 

Crime is almost out of control!  Some Police Stations are reporting they are solving no burglaries, because there are simply too many, and they have no staff or resources to investigate.  Other crimes are also skyrocketing!

An Education Service that is in tatters.  Teachers are now in classrooms teaching up to 36 students, using systems put in place by Key’s Government which are failing to such a degree some children are leaving school unable to read or write better than a 6 year old!  

A Housing Crisis in Auckland like this Country has never seen before.  New Zealand now has an estimated 40,000+ homeless citizens – and the Government has no workable plan to solve the crisis!  

A Open Tap on immigration has seen over 50,000 immigrants a year flood Auckland, meaning roads are at almost complete gridlock all day, every day!  People are sleeping on the streets, or in many cases 10+ People are being crammed into 2 or 3 bedroom houses!

Huge numbers of our Rivers and Lakes are now so Polluted, from Key’s Farmer Mates, they are killing anything that enters their waters!  New Zealand’s ‘Clean Green’ image ruined forever

Pike River Mine victims still lay entombed, despite Key inferring when the disaster occurred that his Govt would get them out!  Liar Key! 

Christchurch still waits for the ‘fantastic rebuild’ promised year on year by Key and his Waste of Space Minister Gerry Brownlee!  

Key’s resignation is a spit in the face of those in Kaikoura and Wellington whose buildings were badly damaged in the latest Quakes.  A decent Leader would have stayed on at least until the next election to make sure they got all the help they needed.

New Zealand’s Debt has shot up to over $89,000,000,000!  Key has run the Country on loans from overseas, and now he sees he can never pay it back, he has jumped ship leaving you, I, and every other decent Kiwi trying to find ways of paying it back!

Key has made New Zealand a laughing stock to many overseas.  He is well known for his Fetish of pulling little girls hair, and worse still the Mainstream Media let him get away with this perversion – something that others would have been jailed for! 

Key’s resignation is a relief to all honest decent Kiwis, but it will also throw the Country into more chaos – with his only possible replacements being complete and utter idiots without one honest bone in their body!  There should be a snap election so the one capable and honest Leader we have left in Government can be voted in – Winston Peters.  But the gutless, incompetent, dishonest and likely corrupt National Government won’t do the right thing, instead they will try and ‘wing it’ for a few months until they are well and truly kicked out!

7 thoughts on “John Key – The Terrible Truth

  1. Funny that in other countries a corrupt git like him who wastes tax payers money in such ways there would have been either an impeachment, revolution or an assassination.

    We need houses built in Auckland and Christchurch, nope gonna waste 24M on a flag that never happened.

    We need to fund a jobs retraining program for those on the dole to be able to get off it, nope gotta have a big rock or fancy sign outside a government department

    We need our health system to be funded so we can work more efficiently and pay our taxes to make the system run smoothly, nope we need a panda.

    Order of St John needs more funding so they can hire more paramedics so there isn’t only one person doing a two person job. Nope TPP more important.

    Education system is in tatters, nope she’ll be right.

    High competition for jobs with locals VS non locals, nah its a sign we are awesome.

    Says a lot don’t it?

  2. Truth right there! Now I’m a bit worried about what comes next! Have been told by someone who is apparently ‘in the know’ that the Nats want to lose next election so Labour will have to try to clean up the mess they’ve left behind! Personally I believe Key should be done for treason! His mission complete as per his ‘bosses’ wishes, hope he doesn’t leave the country anytime soon!

  3. 76 years of lones from the world bank can you count Maori have only been getting 1% of the budget 1,7 billion a year Maori will not become apart of the New Zealand government debt or New Zealand town’s and city’s open 24/7 the only way is to over loud consumption

  4. How can you whine about the deficit but then ask for more money to be spent on this or that? It makes no sense. This is what a socialist country is all about…. nonsense. It never works, just makes slaves of a nation, people all with their hands out, reliant upon the State for everything!

  5. “Pike River Mine victims still lay entombed, despite Key inferring when the disaster occurred that his Govt would get them out! ”

    He didn’t infer it, he said “we will get them out”


    Henry Alfred Goolsbee reminds journalists in New Zealand, USA and abroad
    – Be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable. Give voice to the voiceless.

    Henry Alfred Goolsbee reminds government officials in New Zealand that: “Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who conspires to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat the course of justice in New Zealand or the course of justice in an overseas jurisdiction.” ~ Crimes Act New Zealand – Section 116: amended, on 18 June 2002, by section 6(1) of the Crimes Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 20).


    Henry Alfred Goolsbee – United Nations ICCPR – International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
    According to the ICCPR (below included) the Goolsbee family suffered multifarious Civil and Human Rights Violations at many levels as a direct result of their father’s False Arrest and Wrongful imprisonment.

    Goolsbee has taken the New Zealand Government to task in both The High Courts of New Zealand and through the Office of Human Rights Proceedings and is presently prosecuting some (not all) government agents, Crown Law agents, Queen’s Counsels (Judges), Cabinet Ministers (members of Prime Minister John Key’s cabinet), and various senior staff and Managers within the Department of Corrections.

    The Office of Human Rights Proceedings New Zealand has assisted Henry Alfred Goolsbee to process some (not all) of his claims against some (not all) of the individuals responsible for the violations.

    The Office of Human Rights Proceedings of New Zealand and Human Rights Commissioner are well-trained to avoid any efforts aimed at initiating any serious and genuine attempts to bring higher-placed Ministers to account for serious violations: especially where the Goolsbee children suffered both Civil and Human Rights violations.

    The people of New Zealand are well-acquainted with this fact, as literally thousands of complaints lodged with the Office of the Ombudsman, Human Rights Commissioner and Health and Disability Commissioner remain unresolved to date, and continue to be ignored.

    The procedure that Goolsbee is following and the rules of engagement are listed on another page of this website. You can view them here.

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