New Zealand – A Country in Crisis

"Gigantic Clown" John Key
“Gigantic Clown” John Key

New Zealand is in Crisisafter eight years of an incompetent, dishonest and likely corrupt National Government, the Country is staggering and is not far from total collapse.

Crime is out of control, and even the incompetent Gov’t now admits we are hundreds of Police short, completely due to their refusal to increase Police funding since they have been in power!

  • Robberies up 44%
  • Burglaries up 29%

These increases are almost unheard of in a Western World Country!

The Health System is collapsing, with the incompetent National Government currently under spending by 1.7 billion dollars per year (according to a top NZ Economist), meaning Disability Services are in crisis, and staffing of Hospitals is approaching levels that mean they are struggling to operate.

Homelessness is at levels most New Zealanders thought they would never see in New Zealand, with well over 40,000 people now estimated to be homeless.  To make matters worse Auckland now has an average house price of One Million Dollars – due to the incompetent uncaring National Government allowing rampant immigration to continue, which they do to sure up the vote of their now majority immigrant based voters.  In fact New Zealand now officially has the most unaffordable houses (compared to income) in the World!  Yet our Pony Tail Pulling Prime Minister John Key says, with a smirk on his face “There is no crisis”. 

The NZ Education System is failing our children, and setting us up for an uncertain future, due to total mismanagement by a bumbling incompetent National Government.    Not only are NZ children failing now due to this mass mismanagement, but incredibly the dishonest National Government is now pushing to have Teachers with no qualifications, and to allow teaching to happen online rather than in schools!

New Zealand’s roads are now virtually lawless, with Police Traffic Patrols a thing of the past, which has resulted in skyrocketing road death tolls since the incompetent National Government took power.  You can now drive from one side of Auckland to the other and back, every day of the week and not see one single road police patrol!

Fatal Crashes 2013:  239

Fatal Crashes 2014:  268

Fatal Crashes 2015:  291 

Corruption growing by the year due to the dishonest National Government.  New Zealand, once one of the least corrupt Countries in the World has been slipping in the corruption ratings year on year.  Questions around dirty deals by National Ministers with big business, with foreign investors, and others are coming up almost every week.

Immigration is out of control, with immigrants even complaining about too many immigrants.  With many parts of Auckland, and elsewhere now populated almost entirely by recent immigrants, and many shops displaying signage almost solely in foreign languages, staffed by immigrants and patronized almost only by immigrants – the real New Zealand is disappearing month by month.

New Zealanders can wait for the total collapse to occur, or they can kick out the National Government – that’s the only two choices they have.

So who is the alternative to the Gigantic Clown of a Prime Minister John Key?  No matter whether you are a Green Supporter, a Labour Supporter, an ex-National Supporter who has decided to put New Zealand First rather than foreign buyers first – love him or hate him, there is only one man who can save us from Clown Key.  Winston Peters and New Zealand First have to be your voting choice next election.  We need to put our biases, our stubbornness, our past allegiances behind us. 

We need to save New Zealand, and Winston Peters and NZ First have proven over the last few years they are the only ones we can trust to fight for the Average Kiwi!





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  1. You elected a reject not ones but twise.
    I sead it before & am going to say it again, if you elect John Key you will get whats comming to & now you are lol
    Do people not learn anything!!

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