Heartbroken About New Zealand Under John Key

Homeless Man in Auckland - Photo taken 11am, Saturday 2nd July, 2016
Homeless Man in Auckland – Photo taken 11am, Saturday 2nd July, 2016

So angry!

So Sad!
So proud of decent Kiwis.
So damn annoyed by how cruel life has become in New Zealand. We came across this man today at the back of an Inner City Hotel in Auckland. It was cold this morning, so cold. This guy who has obviously come across hard times is one of thousands in the new New Zealand under John Key’s dishonest, Corrupt, and Incompetent Government. I can’t take much more of those who still support this Crook, I really can’t! We watched as an obviously ‘high income’ ‘upper class’ Woman walked past him, rolled her eyes, and kept going, as if to say ‘What an inconvenience having to walk past peasants in the Street, oh Johnny dear, when you finish fondling that girls hair – get them removed!’ I could have slapped her!
Just two minutes later a young Maori guy walked up to him, bags of Mcdonalds in his hands – and placed it beside him. He didn’t appear to know who he was, he didn’t appear to have a lot of money himself from what he was wearing – but he cared enough to give a guy a break, giving him food. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.
What the hell has happened to New Zealand? What the hell has happened to so many who still worship John Key when he has let this happen to thousands of people across NZ, yet stands there with a smirk on his face and says “There is no Housing Problem” There is no poverty, in fact everything is just great!
What the hell happened to our media? Every day I see the second rate NZ Herald publishing stories about how wonderful everything is! About what a great job John Key and his Ministers are doing! About how great it is they are now going to speedtrack Foreigners requests to buy NZ Property!
I seriously can’t take much more of the idiots, the snobs, the tax evaders, the Rednecks, the Racists, who support the dishonest, incompetent, uncaring John Key.
Kiwis, what the hell happened? What made so many of you not care about others? What made you all sit back and think it is just fine that our biggest City is virtually overrun by Immigrant owned businesses who employ only immigrants? What made you protest against – not the crooked Gov’t, not the Immigrants buying our houses and businesses, but against those like me who try and speak out and save NZ from a future that sees only more of this – people sleeping in doorways on cold Winter Days while snobby Women walk past and roll their eyes!
Oh – what did I do for this man? My Wife gave him the only money we had on us. We gave him comfort by ensuring he knew we felt for him, and were heartbroken we couldn’t help him more. We made him know – some people still care about others in NZ, we care, and some other decent Kiwis care. I wanted to do more for him, I wanted so much to be able to afford to give him enough to find a room for a couple of nights, feed himself for a few nights, find somewhere warm. But I wasn’t able too, and that breaks my heart. It breaks my heart so many will walk past him today, make nasty comments, make jokes about him, put him down.
But there was the young guy who went out of his way to bring him food. Thank you Lord for having people like him. I hope you have all the very best of everything that you want in life. You have a heart of gold, you my man, are a decent Kiwi, and you deserve our thanks, our respect, and John Key needs to meet you – and learn about humanity!
I pity you John Key, and I pity those who support you. You have no humanity, no decency, no heart. One day what you have failed to do for those who needed your help will hit you with such force it will bring you to your knees, and make you beg for forgiveness from a higher power. Those who support you – well, I pity them for their heartlessness, their arrogance, and their stupidity. You – are not decent Kiwis, in fact I don’t know what you are.  You must feel so bad inside, you just have to.  If you don’t, you should. 
May God look over this homeless man, tonight, and every night. I hope you other decent Kiwis – if you see this man, or any other person in need, you will give them not just a few spare dollars, not just some food, but also make them know we know they are there, we feel for them and we so want things to change. We recognise they exist, they feel, they love, they want, they need, they – are decent Kiws, just like us.

10 thoughts on “Heartbroken About New Zealand Under John Key

  1. In 2007 John Key whilst Leader of the Opposition John Key made a speech about the ‘severe home affordability crisis’. He promised to ‘turn around the problem’ and ‘deal with the fundamental issues driving the housing affordability crisis..’ He is quoted as saying that his government would use ‘rinky-dink scheme'(like say “Pop-up housing”) but more ‘sound long term solutions….’ Here we are now into a winter of 2016. To date the Key government has just sat on its hands and done bugger all. In fact only last year Key, when asked about the housing crisis in Auckland, grinned like an idiot and quipped “What housing crisis?I don’t see a housing crisis…”
    This government comes across very strongly as one that lives in constant denial. And when cornered like a rat they resort to blame games. The time of the ‘blame game’ of a previous government has long past its ‘USED BY’ date. Blaming others for THEIR mistakes is something this government does as regular as possible. It’s a lousy cop-out to avoid admitting they are a complete and utter failure and that they never had housing policies in place even prior to the 2008 election.
    We are only 14 to 16 short months away from the next general election and suddenly this government is trying to show it cares about NZers. But all in all the ONLY people in NZ that th is government truly cares about are those who are multi-millionaires who have the money to donate to the National Party.
    Back in the 80s a National Party MP in one of his drunken moments said to someone that a certain company in NZ wouldn’t get contracts because they do not donate to the National Party. It seems history often repeats itself when there is a National government. Contracts are given to those companies that donate to the aforementioned political party.
    And throughout all this we are now probably waking up to the reality a National government has never, ever cared about NZers when there are the almighty dollar signs involved.
    Time for the Key government to be consigned to the history books as being the most corrupt and money-hungry government ever. And if in the near future we hear Key & co say that NZ cannot afford to spend say $50million on some medicine etc we should reminds them they are about to spend $20billion on the military.

  2. A correction on my earlier posting. In 2007 Key promised ‘no rinky-dink’ scheme but ‘long term solutions to the issues that have implications to New Zealand’s economy and society…’
    It does seem that in his obsession for the ‘great New Zealand sell-off(to overseas investors) that John Key has lost complete touch with reality.
    Can we ever expect John Key to be seen(without his Obama-like security detail nearby)to sleep in a car(not a parliamentary Beemer by the way)overnight in the midst of a NZ winter? I doubt it. The guy and his government are so grossly out of touch with reality that they may as well reside on toilet-free Planet Key.
    And so the Key government uses ‘rinky-dink’ policies like paying people $5000 to get out of Auckland. They, Key and co, are just trying to plaster over a festering wound a temporary bandage.
    The John Key National Party never had any proper policies in place despite the empty promises of John Key back in 2007. And so it’s proof that for such an egotistical bunch as the Key Party they never cared about anyone else but themselves all along.
    What a legacy this government will leave for us New Zealanders. We have a part-time PM who hates this country so much that he loves going to the US as often as possible. And he is only in the job for the titleship i.e being addressed as Prime Minister.

  3. I like you said ” May god watch” over this man, cause you realise he makes it Rain and Shine on all of us. As for John Key, hes only doing a job that people voted him in to do, as all politicians are ( proffesional) ministers of the public, who by the looks of things , are not like the person you saw in the st. What fairytale are you living in? Please name a government or monarchy where justice and equality is given to all its citizens, and none is greater than the other ( my fairytale) whereby all have equal amounts of wealth. Are there no more trees in Auckland? Cause surely u could have helped him build a hut etc, or do these individualls stratetigically place themselves in a higher foot traffic position to maximise there exsposure and thus gain more tax free money. The individuall would be in a far more serene location if he were at a park, more in touch with nature, thus benefitting himself asthetically, psychologically and being with nature, thereby reminding himself, we came in naked and we go out naked. You are also to be commended for your generosity too, ill keep mine for my booze n ciggys thanks all the same. Thank you John Key and National for still allowing income support to support those who lack the support from which that support should be paramount.

    • I really had to laugh at this post by Don Thorcolich of 3 July 2016. I really didnt think there were such total morons left. He is obviously morally, intellectually, and mentally challenged. Where is your compassion??? All you care about is your booze, ciggys and your welfare handout from the Government that you call income support !!! SHAME ON YOU. I would like to be a fly on the wall when you are judged on the final judgment day. Boy, will you be in for a big surprise.!!!

  4. Besides immediate personal action, like food and money donations, the one best thing is to enroll every like-minded person you can find, to vote this government out. Right now this National government is conspiring to disenfranchise the poor and homeless, by fear! Yes, they are afraid that once they’re on a voting roll they will be harrassed for out-standing fines, that they cannot afford to pay, minor transgressions, and persecution. This fear must be removed at a government level. Also, work to be certain the Electoral commission is not altering the quantity of votes, by participating in the next election processes–oppose online voting. And continue to behave with decency and charity to those less fortunate. Continue to Support Te Puea Marae.

  5. This is just a thought.
    We have just over 4 million people on this country. Right? .
    Now. I am a person living in a small town. I decided to start up a soup kitchen@ the gate for the hungry. I do it twice a week so the hungry have food.
    Why cant we each give $5.00. Into a kitty . Thats every person in each town or city.
    Add that up . Then build like a dormatory for the homeless with food and a room . Bunk styleHave a garden for self sufficiency with volunteers…
    You know the prisons are built and are overflowing? Some of the inmates are people who have done crimes just to be incarcerated so they have a roof over their heads and food because theyve been tossed aside…Why dont we build places for the innocent ? It can be done! But all we are doi g is talking about it? John Key is a different kind of human.. He hasnt realised yet that he cant take his wealth with him. Yes hes got money and power.. food a nice place to live…But thats a lonely place without God and good friends and a stingy heart…Lets rise above thise and do something people! Im prepared to go the distance if you are!.

  6. He’s gone because Trump warned him that if you are corrupt leave now or full be thrown out, Key was helping Obama allow in seismic bombers into your country blowing up the faulline off the coast of Kaikoura near Christchurch/ Key is corrupt and a puppet NWO illuminati . Ive heard he has resigned Im surprised he wasn’t caught out years ago. ! heir plans was to overtake NZ for its natural resources.

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