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red-poppies-anzac-day25th April, 2014, another ANZAC Day in New Zealand and Australia, yet the memories of those thousands of soldiers who died, including 2779 Kiwis, and 8700 Australians in Gallipoli alone, do not fade, nor does our pride for their bravery.

See coverage of NZ’s First City’s ANZAC Memorial Here – 8500 at Dunedin Anzac Dawn Service


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rats shipWe all know the saying ‘rats deserting a sinking ship’, and this is quite apt for the Casino and Chinese Business sponsored National Party this election.

With 15 MPs all from the National Party (aka The One Man Band ‘John Key Party’) quitting politics at this election, with rumours more will follow, we have to ask – is this just a coincidence, or is there more to it?

Well, here are some possible reasons:

1)  They know ongoing investigations into the National Party’s ‘closeness’ with a certain Casino, and other unsavory companies  is going to lead to very nasty discoveries that the public, even their own brainwashed supporters, will just not accept.

2)  They know they have little to no chance of winning the coming election, and do not want to be around when the truth of how much financial trouble they have run us into is discovered by the new Government.

3)  Leaders, using that term loosely, have told them to pack up and get out, or be thrown out, so their positions can be taken by Corporation controlled MPs to guide the Country even further onto the ‘everything for the wealthy, nothing for anyone else’ road.

4)  They no longer want to be associated with such an incompetent, dishonest, and uncaring Gov’t – and who could blame them.

No matter what the reason, will the brainwashed Nat fanatics still vote for the Party when a large proportion of its own MPs no longer want to be associated with it?

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Key BrainfadeI originally wrote this for the Stuff Website in response to their request for political related comments.  Not surprisingly the Right Wing  ‘news’ site is yet to publish it.

Firstly, before the usual suspects start making their ‘Typical Leftie’ or ‘Typical Labour Supporter’, or even ‘Typical Bludger’ type replies, I think it is important to establish I am an ex-National voter, I am a Health Professional and never been on a benefit. Secondly, I vote for the party that has the policies that benefit most of the general public – rather than sticking to one specific party ‘because Mummy and Daddy always vote for them.’

The reasons I will not vote for National, under the current regime, are many and are all evidence backed, rather than as I alluded to before ‘because I am a (insert Political Party here) voter, and always will be. To me, that is ignorance and stubbornness to the extreme.

So, why will I, and I am sure many other ex-National voters, not vote for National this election? Let me tell you some of my reasons, and please have your common sense, rationalising, and intelligence button in the on position, and your ignorance, arrogance, and rudeness buttons in the off position before reading.  I believe these same reasons, and many others, are more than good enough reason for all decent intelligent Kiwis to also NOT vote National at this year’s election.

1) When National took power, they told us stories of doom and gloom, that due to the recession and other factors there was no money to spend, and it was time we all started learning different ways to cook and eat grass (preferably not using electricity, as the prices were about to go crazy). Then incredibly within months they announced reasonable size tax cuts, mostly benefiting the high income earners. The reason was, the ‘trickle down effect’, which was a surprising reason as most evidence shows the ‘trickle down effect’ simply does not work in regards to fixing a struggling economy. – In summary of reason 1, National told us there was little money, and then proceeded to give what little money there was to the wealthy, who didn’t need it, and left those struggling – still struggling.

2) The ‘lapses of memory’, aka ‘Brainfades’, or as John Key likes to put it ‘I can’t remember’ incidents. These are so numerous I can’t list them here. But as a ‘taster’ we had the casino meetings, the BMWs fiasco, and many others leading through to the ‘I can’t remember’ whether he supported the South African Rugby tour during the apartheid era or whether he was against it. Now it is not my place to state that often people who ‘can’t remember’ certain comments, meetings or other events are more victim to ‘not wanting to remember’ rather than a neurological issue causing memory lapses, but either way I have huge concerns that we have a Prime Minister who struggles with fairly major memory problems running our Country. Also falling into this category are their comments about “Hiring an extra 3000 nurses”, when reality is we have (reportedly) hospitals struggling to fill current vacancies due to lack of funds, while still having around a 1000 unemployed nurses. In other words, maybe if National actually did employ an extra 3000 nurses, they should put them mostly into neurological services, to help them with their ‘brainfades’.

3) Then we have their claims of masterful economic management. I, like many overseas financial experts, am scratching my head with this one. Since National came to power they have tripled overseas debt, which for those with John Key Posters for brains, means they have been borrowing to run the Country since they took power, and still are. This fact of course runs into unusual problems with National’s current fanatical supporters who regularly make comments on this very site, and many others about ‘National has made us debt free’, and ‘National are trying to get us out of all that debt the Labour Party left us with’, and the good old classic ‘National are selling assets to pay off debt. As the Billboards say ‘Yeah, right.’ Now the usual suspects will start with their other usual comments like ‘Heard of the recession’ and ‘Heard of the Christchurch earthquakes’? My answer to that is “Heard of the EQC fund”, and “Heard of cutting costs, not making tax cuts, assisting manufacturers and exporters to sell more to increase the tax take?”

4) The continual unbelievable incompetence of the general management of Governmental Departments. So many examples – which are all almost ignored by the media and the fanatical National Supporters. To start with, Novopay – which yes, is still a nightmare. So far tens of millions of dollars have been given to rather ironically named ‘Talent2′, to supposedly fix the payroll software, that I have heard experts value as ‘about a $1.99 seeing it had hundreds upon hundreds of errors, and still does’. Now the usual suspects will answer to this by saying ‘Labour took out that contract’, but the problem is National still had to sign it off, and sign it off they did, despite being told it was full of hundreds of issues. Now any even half decent business would have given a Software company already paid a reported sum of around $60 million (before the tens of millions of more payments to help ‘fix it’) an order to the company to fix it, or lose the contract and be sued for the payment already made to them, under our very own Consumer Guarantee Act, but nope – National just kept on, and keeps on pumping in millions upon millions into this Aussie owned company. Why? Maybe someone is mates with someone who is mates with someone? Who knows?

5) Then we have the good old State Asset sales, oh let me get that right “Partial Privatisation”, oh boy! This one really puzzles me, that is – it puzzles me why so many are so ‘not very bright’ when it comes to the basics of economics. Now when you have some businesses that are bringing you in regular income, year after year – why would you sell them to get some quick money, and lose 49% of that regular income every year forever? National’s answer to that question raises even more questions, because all in all – they simply ‘told fibs’, or to be charitable ‘got confused’. To start with they ‘poo poo’d’ the losing income comments by saying ‘we will be paying off debt, so that is much less interest we will pay, so that is why losing that income is negated’. Unfortunately the voters, even their own fanatical ones, didn’t really like that idea that much, so they started changing the answer to the good old favourite vote securing one of ‘We are using that money to build schools and hospitals’. So – you are losing regular income forever, income that could have been used to build schools and hospitals again and again, because you need quick easy money to build schools and hospitals? Um, eh? Yet again, my concern is that National’s fanatical supporters just say in reply ‘yeah, see, they know what they are doing’. Sigh.

6) You will be glad to know this is my last, though definitely not my least reason why I will not vote National this election. Their arrogance, and their ignorance. Their arrogance is demonstrated in the debating chamber each and every day that it is in action. Have a listen to them yourself. They almost never answer valid questions and concerns put to them, in a serious way. At least 75% (OK,I am estimating here) of the time they answer serious questions by simply making jokes or belittling the person or party who asks the question. I still remember Key giving the ‘cut throat’ like gesture in Parliament, and getting away with it! I also have firmly embedded in my memory, Key telling everyone he was only selling these assets, because “There is nothing else left worth selling”. Now how less patriotic, less reassuring, less proud a comment could a leader of a Country make, and get away with it. But he did, always has, probably will continue to. Their ignorance is demonstrated by being determined to pour money into Auckland and (admittedly needed) Christchurch, and ignore other centres. Despite Auckland bursting at its seams, Christchurch facing at least another 15 years of rebuilding work – they seem determined to cram more people into them, rather than fund other centres to build more businesses and attract people to them. Why? Because nearly 50% of the vote, is in Auckland and Canterbury – so make them happy, and face a greater chance of winning the election.

So what now? Now the usual fanatical National supporters will start with their ‘leftie’ ‘bludger’ and ‘labour supporter’ comments, and little else. Meanwhile tens of thousands more will fall into poverty, house prices and electricity prices will skyrocket even more, the health and education sectors will continue to fall into disarray, and John Key will have more ‘brainfades’.

So who should you vote for? Simple really, vote for a party that has policies that will benefit most, rather than just the wealthy and associates of large corporations, which is the population currently ‘owning’ the National Gov’t. Personally I like NZ First, their policies are sound, and they have everyone’s interests at heart. You, make your own mind up, but don’t simply ‘vote National’ because the ‘Snobalot’s down the street are, or because Mummy and Daddy always do. If you do, you may go down in history as one of ‘those’ who put in place a Government for a third term, who all but destroyed NZ’s future of being a decent, successful, and caring country to live in.


PostNote:  Many people have commented to me about their reasons why they will not vote National this year, and have asked I add them to my main ones, so here is a summary of the more common reasons:

  • GCSB changes to invade peoples privacy
  • Deals with Oil and Gas Exploration companies, and the stopping/banning of public input and public protests about them
  • Blatant promoting of companies associated with Ministers/Ministers Families, while letting other companies fall into bankruptcy
  • Child Poverty increasing by tens of thousands since National took power
  • Continual serious privacy breaches, some connected to Ministers purposely releasing private information about individuals
  • The ever increasing gap between the wealthy and everyone else
  • The huge deficit in the average NZ wage compared to the Aussie wage, something Key said was his main focus to rectify – yet the wage deficit has grown
  • Broken promises, e.g. “No tax increases” yet then increased GST
  • The cutting of funding for Night Classes (now a distant memory, when it was an integral part of NZ educational culture)
  • The cutting of student allowances for Post Grad Students
  • The cutting of Border Control staff, resulting in continual breaches of our border protection laws
  • John Key’s continual effort to be ‘mates’ with Leaders overseas, more so to get his ‘mug’ in photos rather than to benefit NZ
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and the secrecy around National’s negotiations

        Plus many, many more serious reasons NOT to vote National this year.

*** NOTE: Due to constant abuse and threats from National Party Supporters, comments have been disabled on this post ***

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Joyce Vs Colombo

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After six years of one of the most dishonest and incompetent Governments in NZ history, who have fiddled with the figures to try and make everything look ‘peachy’, overseas experts are predicting NZ is headed for an economic crisis like never seen before!


NZ Overseas Debt Has Tripled

12 Reasons Why New Zealand’s Economic Bubble Will End In Disaster

Here is what to expect when New Zealand’s economic bubble truly pops:

  • The property bubble will pop
  • Banks will experience losses on their mortgage portfolios
  • The country’s credit boom will turn into a bust
  • Over-leveraged consumers will default on their debts
  • Stock and bond prices will fall; the New Zealand dollar may weaken
  • Economic growth will go into reverse
  • Unemployment will rise

* Above is from Jesse Colombo, Financial Analyst

Read the full article at the link HERE, from

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Oravida With evidence mounting (including photos) of the closeness of John Key and Judith Collins to the company ‘Oravida’, we have to ask whether they have been receiving payments or shares in return for their ‘photographic favours’, and Collin’s attempted secret meeting in China, while being paid by the taxpayer for Ministerial duties.

If they have nothing to hide, of course they will be happy to provide evidence of their bank accounts and share portfolios to prove they have not received any payments or shares over the last 24 months or so from Oravida or its related companies.  They will also be happy to have the Serious Fraud Office investigate their dealings with Oravida. 

The other question is, will the Media shy away after obvious subtle threats from John Key (like when he was recorded three times refusing to answer questions about his knowledge of the Chinese Border Official who attended a meeting with Judith Collins, telling the reporter ‘You can play this tape three times on the news if you like, but that would be very unprofessional’) and Judith Collins (telling a reporter who was interviewing her she was “disgusted” that she was being questioned about this issue)?

Key and Collins, you and your arrogant thick headed fanatical supporters can laugh and joke about it, but you won’t escape this one so easy – just wait and see. 

Oravida 2

John Key Playing Golf with Oravida’s Chairman

Oravida 3

Peter Goodfellow (National Party President) and Partner attending opening of Oravida Office

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Media release below (No, no joke!)

Tsunami threat advisory for NZ issued

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Young National Supporter Makes Nazi Salute (2012)

Young National Party Supporter Makes Nazi Salute (2012)


I am constantly shocked by the current, usually childless and child hating National Party supporters, but I was amazed by the absolute hatred and heartlessness of the Nat supporters making comments about school closures in Christchurch today.


Comments like “Good!” and “Queue the whining”, etc, as can be seen on the National Party PR site – Stuff, HERE.  


Talk about evidence of the arrogant SCUM who now make up the National Party’s supporters.


Remember this every single decent Kiwi in NZ at the election this year!  Remember this – Do not even consider a vote for National, do not just accept the arrogant little jerks, like those at the Young Nats Ball the other night, making supportive comments about this incompetent arrogant hateful Gov’t.  Stand up for what is right, VOTE and get rid of this most dishonest arrogant Gov’t in NZ history!


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Oscar Pistoriusweatherston   As many will know, Clayton Weatherston is the Sociopathic murderer of the beautiful Dunedin girl, Sophie Elliot (R.I.P).  The most horrific thing about that very sick probably incurable ‘thing’, that we refer to as Weatherston is, he continually made out HE was the victim, because she made him murder her, and he truly believed that.

It seems like Pistorious is now pleading something quite similar, poor me, ‘I can’t sleep’, poor me, ‘I have nightmares’, poor me, poor me, poor me!

Now the Judge and the Public need to make their own minds up whether Pistorious is guilty or innocent.  I mean just because he woke up at night, his Girlfriend not in bed next to him, heard noises in the toilet, grabbed his gun, decided it just must be a burglar, so shot four times through the door – and was then surprised to find it was actually his girlfriend in the toilet – does not mean he murdered her (Hmm, hmmm… sorry just clearing my throat).

Either way, don’t do a Weatherston, Pistorious, it is the scummiest thing any human can possibly do, and if there is a Hell – that behaviour should be punished by eternal lock up in such a place!

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Dunce-cap-in-cornerSometimes I have to ask, have many people this Country gone completely insane?  Do our so called “experts” actually have the qualifications and skills that they purport to have?  Does anyone these days know what a confounding variable is?

Let me give you a brief explanation as to why the use of how many jobs are being listed on Trademe as being a measure of how good or bad the job market is, is just totally nonsensical.

You see, there is this ‘thing’ called the internet.  The number of people using the internet grows hugely month on month around the World, and particularly in Western countries like New Zealand, where now not having an internet connection in your home or at least on your phone is very unusual.  The use of the internet for advertising also grows at an incredible rate, particularly for online shopping and, yes you guessed it, for employment advertisements!

So, as advertising numbers for employment in newspapers stays the same or decreases, the number of jobs advertised on internet sites, such as Trademe, or course increases almost non-stop because more and more businesses realise that more and more job seekers look online rather than elsewhere when looking for employment.

Trying to say ‘Wow, look, Trademe has more jobs advertised on it now than the same time last year, so this proves the job market is going crazy’, is just stupidity and ignorance, if not Politically motivated nonsense, no doubt pedalled mainly by the incompetent National Government that has all but destroyed manufacturing and other industries in NZ.  As I have explained, the reality is – more employers now advertise their job vacancies online, because that is where most  job seekers now look, and so it does NOT indicate there are actually more jobs available, this (my ignorant political and marketing associates) is called a confounding variable - where something other than what is thought to be, is impacting the actual finding.

To really gauge the job market, and how many jobs are available compared to how many job seekers, the only fairly accurate way is to look at how many applications are now received per job advertised.  THIS is where things become very frightening for job seekers in NZ, and it would appear that the exact opposite is true from what the so-called ‘experts’ are trying to tell us, basing their comments on ‘confounded’ data from Trademe and Seek.

From what associates have been telling me for the last six months or so, I can tell you the following true data about jobs in NZ:

Teaching jobs around 5 to 6 years back would receive an average of 2 to 10 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 25 to 100 applications per job!

Retail jobs around 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 5 to 15 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 25 to 100 applicants per job!

Manufacturing jobs around 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 3 to 10 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 10 to 100 applicants per job!

Social Services jobs, semi skilled, 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 2 to 6 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 10 to 30 applicants per job!

Professional finance market jobs 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 1 to 3 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 6 to 15 applicants per job!

Recently some jobs were advertised in NZ and Australia, for semi-skilled security work to start in and around Australia in the coming months.  There were about 20 vacancies.  Over 7000 applications were received! 

As you can see with the above examples, the reality of how many jobs available is something very different from what the National Party affiliated ‘experts’ are telling the media, and the National party affiliated media are telling the public.

When a new Government comes to power after the 2014 election, which it will, it will be in for a shock at the true state of the NZ economy.  The fluffing of statistics, hiding of true data, and mismanagement of the Country’s finances will become clear, and the public will be shocked when they hear the truth that the Casino sponsored John Key Party has been hiding for so long! 

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