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Media release below (No, no joke!)

Tsunami threat advisory for NZ issued

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Young National Supporter Makes Nazi Salute (2012)

Young National Party Supporter Makes Nazi Salute (2012)


I am constantly shocked by the current, usually childless and child hating National Party supporters, but I was amazed by the absolute hatred and heartlessness of the Nat supporters making comments about school closures in Christchurch today.


Comments like “Good!” and “Queue the whining”, etc, as can be seen on the National Party PR site – Stuff, HERE.  


Talk about evidence of the arrogant SCUM who now make up the National Party’s supporters.


Remember this every single decent Kiwi in NZ at the election this year!  Remember this – Do not even consider a vote for National, do not just accept the arrogant little jerks, like those at the Young Nats Ball the other night, making supportive comments about this incompetent arrogant hateful Gov’t.  Stand up for what is right, VOTE and get rid of this most dishonest arrogant Gov’t in NZ history!


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Oscar Pistoriusweatherston   As many will know, Clayton Weatherston is the Sociopathic murderer of the beautiful Dunedin girl, Sophie Elliot (R.I.P).  The most horrific thing about that very sick probably incurable ‘thing’, that we refer to as Weatherston is, he continually made out HE was the victim, because she made him murder her, and he truly believed that.

It seems like Pistorious is now pleading something quite similar, poor me, ‘I can’t sleep’, poor me, ‘I have nightmares’, poor me, poor me, poor me!

Now the Judge and the Public need to make their own minds up whether Pistorious is guilty or innocent.  I mean just because he woke up at night, his Girlfriend not in bed next to him, heard noises in the toilet, grabbed his gun, decided it just must be a burglar, so shot four times through the door – and was then surprised to find it was actually his girlfriend in the toilet – does not mean he murdered her (Hmm, hmmm… sorry just clearing my throat).

Either way, don’t do a Weatherston, Pistorious, it is the scummiest thing any human can possibly do, and if there is a Hell – that behaviour should be punished by eternal lock up in such a place!

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Dunce-cap-in-cornerSometimes I have to ask, have many people this Country gone completely insane?  Do our so called “experts” actually have the qualifications and skills that they purport to have?  Does anyone these days know what a confounding variable is?

Let me give you a brief explanation as to why the use of how many jobs are being listed on Trademe as being a measure of how good or bad the job market is, is just totally nonsensical.

You see, there is this ‘thing’ called the internet.  The number of people using the internet grows hugely month on month around the World, and particularly in Western countries like New Zealand, where now not having an internet connection in your home or at least on your phone is very unusual.  The use of the internet for advertising also grows at an incredible rate, particularly for online shopping and, yes you guessed it, for employment advertisements!

So, as advertising numbers for employment in newspapers stays the same or decreases, the number of jobs advertised on internet sites, such as Trademe, or course increases almost non-stop because more and more businesses realise that more and more job seekers look online rather than elsewhere when looking for employment.

Trying to say ‘Wow, look, Trademe has more jobs advertised on it now than the same time last year, so this proves the job market is going crazy’, is just stupidity and ignorance, if not Politically motivated nonsense, no doubt pedalled mainly by the incompetent National Government that has all but destroyed manufacturing and other industries in NZ.  As I have explained, the reality is – more employers now advertise their job vacancies online, because that is where most  job seekers now look, and so it does NOT indicate there are actually more jobs available, this (my ignorant political and marketing associates) is called a confounding variable - where something other than what is thought to be, is impacting the actual finding.

To really gauge the job market, and how many jobs are available compared to how many job seekers, the only fairly accurate way is to look at how many applications are now received per job advertised.  THIS is where things become very frightening for job seekers in NZ, and it would appear that the exact opposite is true from what the so-called ‘experts’ are trying to tell us, basing their comments on ‘confounded’ data from Trademe and Seek.

From what associates have been telling me for the last six months or so, I can tell you the following true data about jobs in NZ:

Teaching jobs around 5 to 6 years back would receive an average of 2 to 10 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 25 to 100 applications per job!

Retail jobs around 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 5 to 15 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 25 to 100 applicants per job!

Manufacturing jobs around 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 3 to 10 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 10 to 100 applicants per job!

Social Services jobs, semi skilled, 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 2 to 6 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 10 to 30 applicants per job!

Professional finance market jobs 5 to 6 years ago used to receive an average of 1 to 3 applications per job advertised.  Most now receive an average of 6 to 15 applicants per job!

Recently some jobs were advertised in NZ and Australia, for semi-skilled security work to start in and around Australia in the coming months.  There were about 20 vacancies.  Over 7000 applications were received! 

As you can see with the above examples, the reality of how many jobs available is something very different from what the National Party affiliated ‘experts’ are telling the media, and the National party affiliated media are telling the public.

When a new Government comes to power after the 2014 election, which it will, it will be in for a shock at the true state of the NZ economy.  The fluffing of statistics, hiding of true data, and mismanagement of the Country’s finances will become clear, and the public will be shocked when they hear the truth that the Casino sponsored John Key Party has been hiding for so long! 

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HIGHWe have all read the horror stories, and many of us know of a family affected by the horrors of so-called ‘legal highs’, we also know that in many cases these drugs are worse than illegal highs, so why does the Gov’t refuse to make them illegal?

Peter Dunne, long known for his apologist approach to the gambling, alcohol, and tobacco industries, has said ‘it is impossible to make legal highs illegal’.  What complete and utter CRAP!

If we can make marijuana illegal, cocaine illegal, ecstasy illegal, heroin illegal, we can very easily make synthetic cannabis illegal!

Now to be fair, Peter Dunne is part of the current dodgy casino backed Government, so is more than likely being told what he will and will not do by the Casino Don – John Key.  So maybe he is the man we can ultimately hold responsible for the horrors we see and hear about almost daily.

Surely we have to be realistic here, and understand these ‘synthetic high’ companies are making literally millions of dollars each month!  Many estimates say an average ‘legal high’ costs around $2 at most to manufacture, and sell for (from what I am told) anything up to $25.  Multiply that by several thousand sold each month, and you can see how the profits build!

As we have seen with this Government, where there is big money involved, you can guarantee a sympathetic approach will be taken to the Organisation in question.  Look at the Casino in Auckland for a perfect example, gambling laws have been changed dramatically just for them, all in return for a Convention Centre they were probably going to build anyway.  Of course the tens of thousands of dollars in donations to the National Party, and the numerous National Party conventions and meetings held at the Sky City Centre (Which cost what, or are they free of charge?) are just pure coincidence!

If we had any decent Journalists, who were not themselves in the pockets of Casino Key’s Political Party, once known as National but now more commonly known as the Casino Party, they would be digging very deep to see how many ‘behind closed doors’ meetings Ministers like Peter Dunne, John Key, and others have had with the owners of the multi-million dollar ‘Legal Highs’ companies.

At least one political Party is trying to make a stand.  See the press release below from NZ First:

Le’aufa’amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor
New Zealand First Spokesperson for Social Policy/Welfare
April 5, 2014


New Zealand First wants legal highs banned to end the devastation on users and communities and supports today’s national protest against the drugs.

“The Psychoactive Substances Act was the first step in curbing legal highs and now we must push to eradicate it,” says Spokesperson for Social Policy Le’aufa’amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor.

The grassroots protest includes 22 towns from Whangarei to Invercargill.

“Many people think the legal high issue exists only in the big cities, but it’s affecting our regional towns most. Enough is enough let’s clean up the mess.

“Combined with high levels of youth unemployment and limited opportunities in education, legal highs are stripping young people of the futures they deserve. Places like Tokoroa and Whangarei are really struggling.

“It’s encouraging to see so many people working together to protect their communities from these destructive drugs.

“It is clear that addiction is a major threat to families and communities and we must do something to stop it from getting worse.

“The Government cannot ignore the growing voice of those wanting to see an outright ban of legal highs.

“We must acknowledge the commitment of people like rally organiser Julie King, parents and other community leaders for this concerted push to be heard.

“We can make huge progress if the community continues to work together,” says Mrs Lole-Taylor.



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KeyYes, John Key has decided that the sponsorship his party gets from the Casino, Chinese businesses, and companies that get Government Contracts in return for donations, just isn’t enough any more, and he is defecting to lead the Internet Party which has a billionaire funder.

Though 99% of real New Zealanders will be glad he has gone, many fear he may return when the National Party renames itself ‘The Casino Party’, in return for more substantial donations.

Unfortunately he leaves behind $52 billion of debt, near 20% real unemployment, and a devastated health and education system.  Some say this may be the real reason for his defection.  On a final note, happy April 1st!



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The Auckland DHB is reportedly planning on cutting services to children and the elderly, after the $52 billion debt ridden National Government puts more pressure on collapsing hospitals to cut costs.

Article from the Radio NZ site below:

Auckland DHB looks to cut $12m deficit


Updated at 1:02 pm today


One of the country’s largest district health boards is considering cutting staff costs and making other changes to reduce a $12 million deficit.


Auckland District Health Board has told staff in an internal email that its spending this year is financially unsustainable.

In the email obtained by Radio New Zealand, DHB chief executive Ailsa Claire said the underlying deficit is a problem that could not be covered by opportunistic saving.

She said significant change is needed urgently regarding operating theatre costs, children and older people’s services and services where there are significant losses. It lists those as cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery, gynaecology, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, respiratory medicine and intensive care.


Ms Claire said staff costs must be reduced and a plan is needed or they were in danger of the board or others doing it for them.


In a statement later, she said the DHB was within budget overall but would have to deal with areas that are over-spending.


Ian Powell, executive director of senior doctors’ union the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, says managers have said there won’t be staff redundancies but vacancies may not be filled.


“So, it’ll be retrenchment around the size of the workforce and we might see in relative terms that workforce declining over time, while the demands on the health system keep going.” He said it will add pressure to already stretched staff and that would compromise patient care.


Auckland City Hospital is the country’s largest public hospital and the DHB is the third fastest growing in the country. It provides specialised services for other DHBs and has an annual budget of almost $2 billion.


Radio New Zealand’s health correspondent says all DHBs are under intense Government pressure to balance their books.


The Auckland board said in its annual report it faces a major challenge in meeting growing demand for services from a rapidly growing population, 34 percent of whom are in deprived areas.


Nurses Organisation’s industrial adviser for the DHB sector, Lesley Harry, told Radio New Zealand’s Nine To Noon programme nurses are worried they could be targeted in cost-cutting, and there is no fat left in the system.

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keyyyyWhat Banana Republic Government would be so ‘in your face’ to have their own tax payers know they were accepting large donations from a foreign owned company to their political party, while having dinners, golf games, and photo shoots with the Prime Minister and another Minister to promote that very business?

The Banana Republic is called New Zealand, which once had an almost corruption free Government, but now has one of the allegedly most corrupt in the Western World, headed by ex-banker, casino sponsored Prime Minister “I can’t recall” John Key.

Using tax payer money Collins and Key have attended functions, dinners, golf games to help the Chinese company, Oravida, promote their company, in return for well over $55,000 of donations to the National party.

Then there is the Novopay fiasco, costing the tax payer $40 million dollars so far, to fix software some report is arguably worthless, or at most $1.99 on budget software sites.  One has to ask, which National Party MPs, past or present, have a hand out for a share of profits from this third rate dodgy Australian company.

When will the less than bright National supporters wake up to the King of Cons and what he and his Ministers have been up to?  Or is it because most National Supporters are crooks themselves so are quite familiar with and comfortable with what the crooked National Government MPs are getting up to, and so they just don’t care?


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chinese flagJust yesterday we heard that Judith ‘I’m So Snobby’ Collins has been using tax payer paid overseas trips to aid the Business in China that her husband is a Director of, we now discover National MP Maurice Williamson and National Party Lapdog John Banks lobbied for a Chinese Businessman to be granted citizenship against official advice.

But wait, it gets worse.  The National Government Immigration Minister of the time, Nathan Guy, then granted this man – Mr Donghua Liu, citizenship despite him not meeting the usual minimum criteria.

No – that’s not the end of it either, the following year one of Mr Liu’s companies donated $22,000 to the National Party! 

But wait, that’s not all!   Our very own China obsessed atheist Prime Minister Mr John ‘Casino’ Key, and Maurice Williamson then attended a opening ceremony put on by Mr Liu at a construction site in Auckland.  

It appears that John ‘Casino’ Key and his incompetent dishonest MPs are quite happy to watch NZ Businesses close down, and NZ employees lose their jobs, in favour of granting Chinese Businesses lucrative contracts.  Also keep in mind, not only have many Chinese owned / associated businesses made large donations to the National Party, but many National MPs have links with Chinese owned or associated businesses.  Coincidence?  Yeah, right! 

Maybe John ‘Casino’ Key is pushing for a new flag so he can suggest the Chinese flag flies above NZ buildings? 

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CollinsYet another National Party MP stuck up snob has been caught out telling fibs, and reportedly helping out her Chinese husband’s Chinese business, in China.

Yes the woman who could easily be elected ‘President of the Snob-a-Lot’ Society, if such a society was formed, Judith Collins, has been caught out like many other National Party MPs, past and current, having links to Chinese Businesses who they do everything they can, behind the scenes, to help increase the sales of.

It is yet more evidence that Winston Peters and New Zealand First have been 100% correct for many, many years that the National Party is basically an Organisation set up to benefit it’s own MPs and their family and friends, often doing so by enabling Chinese business interests to get their products into NZ, or to obtain NZ contracts at the cost of NZ employers and employees.

John Key did everything he could to hide Collins’ dastardly deeds until he realised he would be dragged through the mud as well when the truth came out.  Notice his comments were about his dissapointment in how “she handled this”, nothing about what she did being unacceptable.

Goodbye Collins, Goodbye Key – and good riddance!

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