Aug 232014
David Cunliffe - Leader of the Labour Party

David Cunliffe – Leader of the Labour Party

Those of us who have a second or even third job, can rest easier – if they get out and vote for Labour / Greens / NZ First.

Article below from MSN News

“Labour will scrap secondary income tax, if it leads the next government.

Labour leader David Cunliffe says the secondary tax regime makes life difficult for low paid workers who are having to work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

Extra jobs are taxed at a higher rate, and while people can claim a tax refund for the money they are owed, many fail to do this and miss out entirely.

Mr Cunliffe says abolishing secondary tax will mean people working multiple jobs will have access to that money when they need it.

“That will be much easier for people who are casualised and working more than one job,” he told reporters in south Auckland on Saturday.

As part of the overhaul of IRD’s computer system, Labour will require there to be a mechanism that will allow people to pay the correct amount of tax as they earn it.

Mr Cunliffe hopes that could be implemented within five years, but until it is up and running, Labour will bring in an interim system of special tax codes.”

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Aug 192014
Slater + Key

Racist Cameron Slater with his ‘Friend’ John Key

Read Cameron Slater’s (The Earthquake Victim hating ‘Blogger’ that National leak information to, and refer to as a ‘Good Friend’) full racist derogatory post here:


 “MAORI MUST BE THICK” - By Cameron Slater / WhaleOil

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Aug 132014

Slater – New Zealand’s Biggest Scumbag, supported by the National Party?

It is alleged Cameron Slater, known adulterer and scumbag second rate blogger, had the following email exchange with an unknown source (likely to be a National Party insider).  (Note Slater is a friend of John Key and close friend of Judith Collins):

“What I can’t believe …. is how we have to bail out those useless pricks in the South Island again… The suburbs are hardcore Labour … so the houses are gone and the scum are gone too.” – Cameron Slater’s email exchange with unknown source (allegedly).

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Aug 062014

Key DaddyOf course, this is not offensive in any way – because the Casino and Chinese Business sponsored Prime Minister John Key says it isn’t.

The truth is, most female National Party supporters, have a Sugar Daddy.  

You see these heavily made up Botox injected ‘Women’ drive around in their expensive Four Wheel Drives, between hair dressing appointments, cocktail parties, ‘coffee with the girls’, and in some cases having affairs behind their husband’s back.  Most have never done a day’s hard work in their life, and never will.  Instead they live off the ill gotten gains of their Husbands/Partners also known as Sugar Daddies.

Their Sugar Daddies spend much of their time ripping off the tax payer by avoiding paying taxes, abusing people less well off, and attending National/ACT Party fundraising dinners, where they meet with Chinese Investors and explain how they too can get a change in legislation in return for a donation to the National Party.

Of course this Election all decent Women will not vote  for National, so take note of those who do … 

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Aug 042014
online poll by Opinion Stage

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