May 302015

New Zealand Government, Copying the Chinese Gov’t?

There were two mainstream News Media Personalities that were on air during Primetime on TV3.

One is an ex-Pom and ex-National Party Candidate, and spreads the Pony Tail Pulling Prime Ministers Propaganda every moment he gets, as well as belittling beneficiaries and low income families – his name is Paul Henry (though apparently he is often referred to as Puller). The other was a centralist type NZ Born Journalist who fought for low and middle income New Zealanders, those who had suffered at the hands of big business, and those who were all but spat on by the National Government – his name is John Campbell.

The Ex-Pom Journalist has half the ratings of the NZ Born Journalist.

So, which show was ‘canned’ due to poor ratings?

Yes, you guessed it, the NZ born Journalist, John Campbell, who fought for the rights of all Kiwis, had his show cancelled by the John Key loving TV3 management.

Even TV3 all but admitted they didn’t like him making the Gov’t look bad at times, and also didn’t like him fund raising for the poor and disadvantaged.

If this is not evidence of Government controlled media, and possible Govt corruption, I don’t know what is!

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Apr 242015
Big Fat Liar

Dictator ‘Pigtail Pervert’ John Key

For those who do not think John ‘Pigtail Pervert’ Key is a Dictator, then I am guessing you must have been living in another Country for the last several years, or down a hole.

Over the last six years we have seen the Chauvinistic Pervert, John Key, all but take complete control of the News Media, with his rich buddies placing National Party Hacks into almost every Radio Station, TV Station and Newspaper company in the Country.  Only one last bastion of freedom of speech, one last outlet to expose the ‘Pigtail Pervert’ Prime-minister still exists, that being John Campbell.

The dishonest Corporate controlled National Government has provided millions of dollars of tax bail outs for Media Works, the company owning TV3, in return over the last month they have placed a renowned National Party Fanatic and John Key Worshipper Paul Henry not only on the main Talkback radio show, but also broadcast him simultaneously on TV and on the internet!  Now one of Key’s best Mates, who now controls Media Works, wants John Campbell gone!

Media Works is so obsessed about doing it’s Master’s bidding, they are even ignoring the fact over 90,000 people have signed a petition to keep Campbell on air!  They are refusing to meet with the protest organisers, or even sell them advertising space arguing the case to keep John Campbell’s 7pm slot as is.

John Key and his Millionaire Mates want and need John Campbell to just go away, so they can have their way and keep selling off NZ, and taking rights off of New Zealanders. Don’t let them get their way! If we do, this may be literally the last chance NZ has to fight off a Dictator who is now literally getting away with assaulting a female, and covering up the despicable (alleged) crimes of an Ex National MP!

Fight the PigTail Pervert and his Brainwashed and possibly bribed Media PR People!

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Apr 182015

auckland trafficLen Brown was once upon a time a man who appeared connected to the Community, and had the Community as his focus.  But, like the John Key’s of this World, his focus soon changed once he started making big money – and soon he cared about only one thing, how to line his pockets more, and those of his new Corporate Mates.

Len’s latest ill thought out ideas include introducing road tolls and fuel taxes, which will supposedly ‘fix Auckland’s nightmare traffic’.  We all know that not only will extra roads, and more lanes do little to solve the problems, they would be years away from actually being put in place.  Meanwhile the congestion gets worse literally by the week, with almost any time of day seeing every motorway at near crawling speed, along with every main road.  These fuel taxes and tolls will also hurt the low income people even more, while the wealthy just laugh them off as a ‘nothing’, and find ways to claim them back in tax, like all of the tax evading National Party Supporters. 

There are several legislation changes that would have an immediate effect on reducing congestion, but the ‘vote conscious’ money hungry Politicians won’t introduce these just in case those they effect outweigh those they benefit when it comes to votes.  But – without these changes, or similar, within months Auckland will come to a standstill – with it being literally impossible to get to work, or back home in less than hours, rather than tens of minutes.  Businesses will close, people will suffer – Auckland will become a Slum (more than it already is).

So – here are the changes needed – bring them to the attention of ‘Shaghigh Len’, and ‘Casino Key’, and wait for the excuses why they can’t do them (of course nothing at all to do with their Corporate Mates who are ready to pounce to make billions from toll roads).

Fix the Traffic Lights!  Currently the phasing of many of the traffic lights in Auckland have no connection to how many cars are waiting.  Just one example is the Gt South Rd / Wiri Station Rd Intersection, which would be one of the busiest intersections in South Auckland.  Waiting on Gt South Rd the other evening it took nearly 20 minutes to move about 250 metres!  This was mainly due to lights going green for only about ten seconds, despite there being up to 1000 cars queued up waiting to get through!  Many other lights have ‘red arrows’ preventing cars from turning even when there is no oncoming traffic to stop them!  Every set of lights needs to be assessed in detail by traffic flow engineers, preferably from overseas rather than the current dim witted Auckland based engineers!

Ban Large Trucks on all City Roads and Motorways Between 7.30am-9.00am, and 4.30pm – 6.00pm!  There is no reason in the World large trucks / truck and trailer units can not make pick ups and drop off at any other time, outside of peak traffic times!  It amazes me to see every day these monsters of vehicles clogging the roads as hundreds of thousands of commuters try and get to work, and then back home.  Easy to implement, simply give three months notice, then from the start date fine each and every driver and the company they work for with massive fines – compliance will come very quickly!

Introduce Carless Days for People Not in Employment!  If you do not work, there is no pressing reason why on one weekday each week you can not either stay at home, or use a bus, bike, or taxi!  The argument will be “How would we implement that!”  Well, Duh!  If you pay income taxes in Auckland, then you receive a window display ‘DRIVE’ pass to place on your windowsill, if you don’t have one of these you apply for a ‘Carless Day’ sticker, which will show the randomly chosen Weekday your vehicle can not be driven.  You must have one of these (or a ‘Day Pass’) on your car window to drive on Auckland’s Rds, if you don’t – big fines yet again!  Visitors to Auckland will be able to purchase a ‘Day Pass’ sticker for a small amount to allow them to drive on Auckland Rds without one of the other required stickers – this will help offset the admin costs.

Write to Lenny, and Johnny, copy and paste the solutions above and demand they implement them rather than more taxes!  Don’t just sit back and let Len’s and John’s mates squeeze you for even more money!

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Mar 192015
John 'Pinnocchio' Key

John ‘Pinnocchio’ Key

I have decided that some honesty needs to be injected into the By-election in Northland, so the people there can know the truth about the people who are wishing to represent them in Parliament.




Firstly, we have Winston Peters, the Leader of New Zealand First

  • For a start, Winston is the Party Leader, not some nobody who was picked because if he gets voted in he will do as his leader tells him to.
  • Winston will live in Northland if voted in (he already owns a house there).  Despite liars in the Casino controlled National Party making claims he will continue living in Auckland (in fact one even said he lives in Invercargill – where he has never lived!)
  • Winston has a proven record of helping New Zealanders, for example:  The Party he leads has given New Zealand – Free Drs visits for under six year olds (several years ago!), Pay Parity for Primary Teachers (after they fought for it for 100 years!), the Gold Card for the Elderly (some say this has literally saved lives by providing free public transport and many reduced costs)
  • Winston is the most experienced Politician in Parliament, and the most skilled Opposition Leader NZ has ever had!  This means he can fight for Northland, rather than be a nobody who no one listens too, like the National candidate would be
  • Winston’s roots are in Northland, he breathes, thinks, lives – Northland
  • Winston has not made up lies about his opposition. 
  • Winston has worked tirelessly day after day, meeting and talking to Northlanders


Then, secondly – a distant second at that, is the National Party Candidate

  • National is a Party that has recently voted against feeding hungry children in schools
  • National is the Government who has just been found to have stopped the benefits of 11,000 disabled children!
  • National has neglected Northland to such a degree, it has almost fallen over and died
  • National has no intention of saving Northland, or any other provincial area.  We all know they have stolen from the Provinces, and given to Auckland and Christchurch – where their rich Foreign Investor donators live
  • National has consistently allowed the sale of land to wealthy overseas Chinese buyers, including land in Northland!  making the Kiwi dream of owning land or a home in the future, almost completely unattainable 
  • National has CONSTANTLY LIED to Northlanders during this bi-election.
  • National is desperately trying to blackmail Northlanders with promises they have no intention of keeping
  • The last National MP for Northland is (allegedly) currently being investigated for reportedly committing despicable crimes


So Northlanders – it’s your choice who you vote for.  Vote to have an MP who will fight every day for your region, or vote for a candidate who will just be another voiceless puppet, controlled by the most dishonest PM NZ has ever had.

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The ‘John Key – It’s All About Me’ NZ Lifestyle

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Feb 062015

nz moneyA great example of the ‘John Key’ lifestyle many in NZ now think is normal.

I have written the following reply to this ‘Stuff Article’, which no doubt either Stuff won’t publish, or the many other ‘JK Fan’s will quickly shoot down in defending ‘one of their own’. Feel free to comment on the article as well, expressing what life is like for those who are not obsessed with themselves.


“1) You appear to have more money than sense.
2) Same as number 1.

I was waiting for where you mentioned your holiday good will. You know, those silly little things that us Minions do – give food to the food bank, donate to the Salvation Army or others that help the Homeless over Christmas.

But in your defence, you were way too busy attaching your very expensive mountain bike to your no doubt very expensive car, getting upset about your “half metre long” piece of sirloin steak being spoiled, and worrying your bach booking may have been lost. But then your $89 spent on “extra data” for your phone may have also been a big distraction to those around you who struggled to buy a $10 present for their Children at Christmas.

But hey, isn’t this a good example of the NZ we now live in? ‘All about me, and stuff anyone less well off.’

Happy New Year! “

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Jan 242015

bad bossWould you still shop at an upmarket Department Store (you know, where they sell $400 toasters – seriously!), if you knew they paid many of their staff only just above the minimum wage?  That they look for any reason they can to dock their employees final wages when they leave?  Where the senior managers all but ignore staff who they decide ‘are not at their social level’?

Do you think large retail organisations who do things like listed above, should be exposed for who they are – so consumers who care about their fellow workers can boycott them, until they start paying a ‘Living Wage’ (like ‘The Warehouse’ now does).

LIKE this post if you feel Average Kiwi should start exposing these BAD Employers.  Also, feel free to email me with examples of Employers you know of who fall into this category.

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