Oct 022014
The Average National Supporter in 2014

The Average National Supporter in 2014

I overheard this conversation today (I promise you it is word for word between two National Party supporters).

“Did you know the Gov’t is going to remove the right for employees to have teabreaks?”

“What?  What Gov’t?”

“Our Gov’t, the National Gov’t”

“No way, that’s illegal, thats just a Labour lie.”

“Um, no, it’s right here in the news. They are making it legal for Employers to not give their employees teabreaks, and also stop Union Reps coming onto work premises.”

“What the hell!  Why didn’t the media tell us about that before the election, no way I would have voted for them if I had known that!”

Sigh – and this is yet another example of two things.  One – the average National voter these days is as thick as crap. Two – the media purposely promoted National, hid their nightmare policies, and put down the opposition during the election campaign.

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Sep 202014
"I give up!"

“I give up!”

Though special votes are still to be counted, it looks fairly certain the proven incompetent, dishonest and corrupt National Party are going to get around 48% of the vote.

Incredibly we had actual evidence National MPs have leaked sensitive documents to mentally disturbed bloggers, their PM has lied numerous times to the public, they have done deals with criminal Chinese based Businessmen and deals with MPs businesses over other average kiwis businesses.  Yet this did not stop the arrogant, ignorant, white collar criminal National supporters voting for their incompetent party.

For those Kiwis who voted National this election, I am ashamed of you, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. 

However, I believe the strong National base vote is not coming from real Kiwis, it instead comes from Claytons Kiwis – wealthy Asians and other wealthy immigrants who have recently moved to NZ over the last nine years or so, who do not care less about NZ as such – and just care about voting for, and donating to, the party that is “for the rich” like them – National.  It is no wonder National welcome wealthy Immigrants into NZ with open arms.  The more Wealthy Immigrants, the more National voters – simple as that.

My answer to all this?  I give up, the NZ we once knew is no more, it is now simply a haven for rich immigrants (Asians and others), and no longer a home for NZ born Kiwis who work hard, play honest, and love their Country.

AverageKiwi will be no more – as a Political Blog, and will be changing tack in a big way to concentrate on building and supporting new businesses in NZ.

What a very sad day in NZ history – the Day New Zealand was no more.

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Sep 192014


Just 30 hours or so until we start hearing the results of this years general election here in beautiful New Zealand.  Most intelligent Kiwis are determined this year to get out and vote out the incompetent, dishonest and obviously corrupt National Gov’t.  So – here is my final prediction:

National   42%    (The Greedy Chinese / USA Run Party)

Labour   30%    (The Caring Party)

Greens   12.5%    (The Environmental Party)

NZ First   8.5%    (The Sensible Party)

Conservatives   4.2%    (The Crazy Self Destructing Party)

All the other parties being inconsequential  (The Wannabe Parties) 

The next Gov’t Will Be LABOUR / NZ FIRST / GREENS



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Sep 172014
John Key Chinese Investors

The Photo John Key didn’t want you to see. Wealthy Chinese Investors / Immigrants at a National Party Fund-raising Dinner

The one thing I have definitely learned over the last few weeks has been how stubborn, and how gullible many New Zealand voters are.  Something else I have learned is how much influence many voters who can barely even speak English, nor know where any city outside of Auckland or Christchurch is, have on who makes up our Gov’t.

Listening to the smug and obviously incompetent and dishonest Prime Minister John ‘Hawaii’ Key tonight on the final debate with David Cunliffe, I could not help but get more and more angry with the blatant untruths he was telling about his incompetent National Party’s management of our Country over the last six years.  He talked about how great they have been for our “environment” (Yes, the Gov’t who has allowed oil drilling in our oceans and even in our pristine Conservation Land), and how “Strong the economy was” because of their management (Yes, the Gov’t who has borrowed well over $62 billion!).

Despite John ‘Hawaii’ Key stating these obvious ‘untruths’, the scary thing is many voters will actually believe him, and comment about the ‘wonderful job’ he has done.

Then we have the good old Facebook comments.  Oh boy!  One comment in particular stood out to me, one from a Chinese Woman who lived in NZ long enough to be able to vote (about two years from what I understand).  Despite now being back in China, she had the audacity to comment on John Key’s page stating how great he was, and how she had told her adult children who had now moved here to vote for him.

Excuse me, but I was born here, as was my Wife and my children, and I think WE and others like us, and those who have moved here and lived here for many years, and intend on living the rest of their lives here should be the ones who decide on who Governs our Country!  I do not believe some horrendously wealthy immigrant, who only came here so they could buy up some of our houses and land, then move their kids here for a good education, then all move back to China should have any say in who governs OUR country!

Then we have the incredibly HUGE amount of funding that National has received, much of it again from multi millionaire Chinese Immigrants, in fact some (reportedly) do not even live here, but want to buy up land or business here, and so donated to the National Party to try and ensure they win, because they are the party who allows immigrants and foreign investors to do what they wish with our Country, often at the expense of every day New Zealanders.

Yet, what disappointed me more is the fact many New Zealanders will vote for National despite knowing this.  Knowing National has relied on the Earthquake rebuild and milk exports to build our economy, and admit they have NO OTHER PLAN for NZ’s economy.  Incredibly economic experts have been ignored over the last few weeks, despite their strong warnings the NZ economy is about to collapse!  They have clearly stated that NZ needs a new economic plan, and it needs it fast – yet Bill English in an economic debate just last week all but admitted National have NO PLAN whatsoever for the economy, and basically just hope it keeps going ok.  Incredible!

Then we have Labour and NZ First, who both have fairly sturdy plans on how they will grow exports, and grow NZ businesses.  Yet those stubborn voters just don’t care that these parties actually have viable policies – because ‘we like John Key’ so we are voting arrogantly for him’

I just hope that when people get in the polling booth they think about the following:

‘Should I vote to keep the rich getting richer, and to allow the foreign investors to keep buying up our houses and land – by voting National, or should I vote to put people and NZ first by voting Labour / NZ First / Greens.’

Then again, people could just really throw their vote away, and vote for the Crazy Conservatives.

It’s a crazy World, so lets hope at least during the voting process, people vote Using Common Sense!



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Sep 032014
Colin Craig, No More Than a Clown?

Colin Craig, No More Than a Clown?

After listening to Colin Craig last night on the John Campbell Minor Party Leaders ‘Dinner’, I realised why I really dislike this man, and the party that he supposedly ‘leads’.

Now, putting aside he isn’t sure if man really landed on the moon, or whether the 911 tragedy was a conspiracy by the USA Gov’t or not, my main problems with him are as below:

  • He has stolen most of his policies, in some cases virtually word for word, from New Zealand First.  Some would say ‘so what’, but for me it is more  matter of seeing it for what it is.  He doesn’t have the brains, the motivation, or the honesty to come up with policies he honestly believes in following through with, and so instead takes another party’s policies which he knows are good policies, and make sense, then calls them his own – all to win votes.
  • He does not have what it takes to be in Parliament and be an effective Politician, working for the people.  Instead he, in my opinion, will not last a full term (in fact I would guarantee it), and if he is voted in by gullible ignorant people, he will simply become another lapdog of John Key.  We saw evidence of that last night when without hesitation he said “Oh, John Key will be the next PM” with a big smirk on his face, and almost wetting himself with excitement.
  • His Party’s candidates are a flotsam and jetsam of wannabes, has beens, and populist activists who also will not last a full term, and will cause more problems in Parliament than we have ever seen before.
  • Colin Craig just wants power.  He wants to be a ‘somebody’, rather than just a rich Nerd.  He failed at buying his way into the Auckland Mayoralty, and so is now trying to buy his way into Parliament.  He is the last type of person we want in our Gov’t, and would be a total waste of tax payer money.
  • Lastly – he sells his party as a ‘Christian Party’ to pick up the Christian vote, while at the same time continually telling Talkback hosts it is NOT a Christian Party at all.  Talk about a Hypocrite!

In my opinion, a vote for the Conservatives, is not only a very silly vote, it is also a wasted and ignorant vote.


Think Before You Vote – Vote With Common Sense

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