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Some will argue that Kiwis generally strive to be more than just “average”, well I say – there is nothing wrong with being a good old average Kiwi who just wants the best for New Zealand and New Zealanders, without having to be a ‘Snob’ or a ‘Scumbag’ but just – average.

As NZ becomes more and more ‘multi-cultural’ by the week, it is easy to see the basics of Kiwi culture slowly disappear.  Along with that culture disappearing are the old values we used to have as a Country, like ‘lending a hand’ to those in need, caring about your neighbours – or even knowing your neighbours!  Being able to afford your own home, having a BBQ without worrying what sort of meat was in the sausages, or whether your meat was free range or caged.

Average Kiwi wants to hang on to the good old NZ culture we once had, as well as embrace what can arguably be called ‘additions’ to our culture that are acceptable, and bring no offence or harm to the average kiwi.

So, stick around, keep up with the Blog Posts (you can get to them from the menu on the right), and watch for the new features as they get added over the next few months.

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New Zealand - A Country in Crisis

New Zealand is in Crisis, after eight years of an incompetent, dishonest and likely corrupt National Government, the Country is staggering and is not far from total collapse. Crime is out of control, and even the incompetent Gov't now admits we are hundreds of Police short, completely due to their refusal to increase Police funding since… READ MORE

Mass Coverup of Bully Principal by MOE and Teachers Council For Years!

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Heartbroken About New Zealand Under John Key

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There Once Was a Little Man Called Key

There once was a little man called Key. A Prime Minister he wanted to be,   He didn't care one bit,   About the Poor or Homeless,   In fact he was a bit of a Git.     Now PM he had many big goals,   to take low income earners lives and souls,… READ MORE